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Pushing a gifted potential-dropout to realize her full potential is, of course, a benefit to that student.
Event, status, and cohort dropout rates each provide a different perspective on the student dropout population.
Dropout dogs might end up with a police department or another organization that doesn't mind having an animal with a lower drive.
He was a high-school dropout who worked as a cable installer in my former hometown, about an hour's drive from my new one.
There are two other bolts on the dropout, one for adjusting belt tension and another for locking everything into place.
The state's high school students had among the lowest achievement-test scores and among the highest dropout rates in the country.
Boys also dominate dropout lists, failure lists, and learning-disability lists.
The majority are designed to raise minimum standards or to cut the high school dropout rate.
That's also one of the big reasons why undergrad programs have such a huge dropout rate.
With lower dropout rates from school and more university graduates surviving, the country would get economic benefits back.
The result is increased dropout rates and less time studying.
Online courses, particularly those at for-profit colleges, have been pilloried for their high dropout rates.
The research also found dropout rates linked to race, income, and age.
He said he did expect that the university would have a high dropout rate.
He was a high school dropout who never took or taught a photographic course.
However, the effect of this might get wiped out by an equally high dropout rate.

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