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Each had a small hole at its tip, and one of them even had a droplet of silk coming out of it.
Water molecules are so small that you can only see them when a number of them are clumped together to form a droplet.
The effect is more pronounced on plants with small hairlike structures, such as ferns, that hold the water droplet in place.
It is known by the name of the enamel droplet, and resembles keratin in its resistance to the action of mineral acids.
The next stage is to include all three primary colours in a single droplet.
The above image shows a three-millimeter-wide droplet of heptane fuel burning in microgravity.
One droplet trickled down his chin with the slow inevitability of a tear.
Engineers have made a tiny engine a few micrometers wide, or roughly the size of a water droplet found in fog.
They found that tiny changes in spore shape produced profound alterations in water droplet shape.
The blobs are insects called coccids, which sip sugar from the tree and excrete a droplet of honeydew.
At room temperature, floating in a droplet of water under a microscope, this accursed bacterium looks comfortable and gorgeous.
When a water droplet refracts sunlight, it changes the angle at which the light travels both as it enters and exits the droplet.
The head superheats ink so an exploding vapor bubble jettisons a droplet through a nozzle.
When a droplet of fuel ignites, the flame surrounds it as a sphere about the size of an olive.
After only one or two trials, many bees learned to stick out their tonguelike proboscis in anticipation of a sugary droplet.
In some situations, masks, and goggles may help prevent the spread of airborne or droplet infection.

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