drooping in a sentence

Example sentences for drooping

Drooping prices have helped cosmetic surgery to move into the mainstream.
Even a year later, the sight of drooping dogwood flowers triggers a sense of dread.
Drooping is more difficult to detect when it occurs on both sides, or if there is only a slight problem.
Marlon pauses for a moment, and then pulls a forlorn, drooping face.
Celery keeps for weeks, but a lot of drooping stalks still get thrown away.
No more frustrated stares, drooping shoulders or tentative knee bends.

Famous quotes containing the word drooping

Ye gentle souls, who dream of rural ease, Whom the smooth stream and smoother sonnet please; Go! if the peaceful cot you... more
The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey.... more
For I so truly thee bemoane, That I shall weep though I be Stone: Until my Tears, still drooping, wear My b... more
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