drool in a sentence

Example sentences for drool

Most of it comes from people whose shirt fronts are practically drenched in drool.
Universities all over the country would fight and drool over him.
These shifting ideas have in turn influenced policy, and to a degree that would make other social scientists drool.
Waves were so large they would have made any surfing champion drool.
If you can withstand yacht envy, stroll the docks afterward and drool over the costly boats.
Our personal decision to drool warps our sensory experience of the steak.
He is terrified of the car and will drool the entire time he's in there.
The list of winning tipples should make any wine connoisseur drool.
They look cute, except for the part where they maul me and put big slobbery pools of drool all over me.
Another snoring bed buddy a few years back tried the mouth guard and it helped the snoring but made her drool all over the bed.
The ambiance couldn't be friendlier, the food couldn't be more pleasant, and the wine list will make you drool.
Dogs don't bark because they drool, but because they are more excitable.
Within days, she was almost catatonic, unable to do little more than drool.
Poor guy cut his first tooth at the same time so the drool was crazy.
Having drool dribble down my chin is definitely not acceptable behavior.
Both involved a lot of help from tech people and drool.
He will drool the drool of regret into the pillow of remorse.
Many times the animals jaw will drop, this causes them to drool or foam at the mouth.
There is something about those extremely expensive, genetically engineered feathers that makes me drool.
Dogs tend to drool, lick, and relieve themselves at inappropriate times.
Animals may have an exaggerated wide posture or carry the head and ears lowered, and may drool.
Take a few evenings to drool your way through gardening magazines.
They also drool, and in many cases, make a loud smacking sound.
It is common for babies to drool and cry more when their teeth begin to come in.
The jutting chin hangs slack, and stains at the side of the mouth make the figure appear to drool.
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