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Example sentences for droning

He let the artists play whatever they liked, whether it be a furious drum beat or a droning tone on the sousaphone.
These people had been droning for several hours about mere money matters.
The bees are droning among the forget-me-nots that grow along shore, and the swans arch their necks in the limpid stream.
The enchanter takes some camel hair and spins it into a stout thread, droning a spell the while.
Fiddlers often play more than one string at a time, creating droning harmonies.
The professor is the television set droning off in the corner.
For example, if someone is droning on and on off-point, one must interrupt her or him.
Droning professors in lecture halls is a tired and inefficient model for imparting knowledge, no matter how learned the orator.
The chairman wearily pages through the agenda, droning on about various motions.
Country music wails in the background, competing with the sounds of droning drills.
His droning, nasal, boring voice puts me right to sleep.
Out went the stalwarts of traditional math: the rote memorization drills, the droning chalkboard lectures.
However, the simple sound of words in a flight film is for once even more impressive than the propeller droning.
What they hear is: the alarm clock on the nightstand, which is not ticking but droning.
Deep, menacing vocals are alternately sung and spoken over droning, one-chord guitar figures.
Well, let me allay your fears about being victims of a droning-after-dinner-talk.
The exercise is conducted in a dimly-lit room with loud droning music.
They make a loud click with each muscle twitch, creating a high-pitched droning sound.
They make a loud click each time they snap back, creating a high-pitched droning sound.
Provide better legitimate solutions, not mindless droning complaints.

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