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The one-bedroom unit can get hot, so he turns on a fan that will drone noisily throughout our talk.
Lifeless and lumpish as the bagpipe's drowsy drone.
The drone of the hives just outside is barely audible.
You don't seem the sycophantic 80-hour weeker corporate drone type to me, .
He would drone (or meander) on and on in a steady (and steadily slow) monotone that threadened to put even disciples to sleep.
They should get unmanned drones to patrol the areas where the animals live.
Professor Askenov looked up from his notes and paused in mid-drone.
The lethal drone strikes have actually been highly successful.
The drone of vacuum cleaners in a hallway, telling guests that they've slept past checkout time.
She looked back at the television, where Peter was continuing to drone on, but she didn't hear him.
Following the drone of chanting, he made his way through the door to the monastery.
Small drone aircraft can deliver video feeds from urban buildings as well as from desert battlefields.
It would be cheaper than a pilotless drone, for one thing, though not necessarily smarter.
From the sky came the whoosh of a fighter jet and, much closer, the whine of a drone.
The drone of the climatologist is cut off as the denier shoves him aside, taking the podium.
One and the same fertilized honeybee-egg, can never develop into a drone.
Officials often portray the global expansion of deadly drone strikes as an unequivocal success.
Most people, when they hear of an unmanned drone, probably picture a model airplane.
The above leaflet shows an unmanned drone and an aerial view of a tank.
Heat lightning flashes, and he hears the slow drone of locusts cooling in the trees.
The dishwasher drone of domesticity has turned into free jazz.
However, its leaders still drone on about the need to dissolve the lower house.
Hundreds of people, some of them children, have died in these drone attacks.
If those scents can distract you from the drone of a dentist's drill, imagine what they can do in less torturous settings.
Maybe it was the music-a slightly peppier offering than the industrial drone of last season.
In this way, the bees loomed over our afternoons, their drone a constant reminder of tragedy.
Let's pretend it was a drone strike that would have killed everyone in the house.
The effects of removal of capped drone brood that are infected with varroa on varroa population will be determined.
The data are then relayed to a processor on the drone or radio-linked to a main data processor on the ground.

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