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There he laid aside his wings, and kept only his wand, with which he presented himself as a shepherd driving his flock.
The work which the weight has to perform in driving the clock is not indeed great.
At last my friend sees a carriage driving up to a house at a little distance.
But even if you're driving straight from home to your picnic site, odds are it won't make it.
If you're driving around with a pig, everyone knows what you're doing.
The mirrors will direct sunlight to the tubes, and the heated oil will be used to boil water for turbine-driving steam.
We don't need anymore retirees buying houses that are too big for them, driving too slowly, and crowding everything.
Somehow he survived the driving of a steel rod through his head.
Wright envisioned visitors driving their cars up an exterior ramp and handing them over to valets for conveyance to the bottom.
Economists have long studied the relationship between driving habits and gasoline prices.
In summer, you'll be driving into the land of the midnight sun.
Explosive population growth is driving human evolution to speed up around the world, according to a new study.
Safe driving protects your health but also uses less gas, reducing the energy costs of your commute.
Besides managing the family tent, some have even taken to driving the tribe's water truck.
The same day, another couple was driving a boat on the river when a sturgeon jumped up and smashed into the boat's windshield.
Lots of city buses and trains will mean fewer people driving around in cars and taxis that cause pollution.
Exactly what is driving these giant sharks to migrate remains a mystery.
However, by driving out tourism or enforcing stricter environmental laws, business and commerce suffer.
But something else is driving the planet-wide fever.
Test driving the sound system when you're car shopping can be as key to your long-term satisfaction as checking out the handling.
Fuel cells have long promised pollution-free driving, but have been held back by their enormous cost when applied to a normal car.
But as the country grows richer, skills shortages are driving wages rapidly up.
Logic is driving the single-currency club towards closer integration, ministers murmur.
But the use of fossil fuels was clearly vital in driving a step change in rates of economic and population growth.
As a result, electric cars no longer require drivers to buy expensive batteries or to worry about limited driving distance.
Wanting improvement over our current state in life is the engine of a society driving a quasi-capitalistic car.
The bike has suffered from the indifference of car-driving rulers.
The lack of economic opportunities is driving some into the arms of radicals.
So a lot rides on what is driving the divergence, and whether it lasts.
Driving is perhaps the scariest part of living there.
The first thing you should do is pinpoint the exact location of the campus, especially if you're driving.
Thankfully, there are many within a reasonable driving distance.
Indeed, price seems to be driving the move toward customization.
Driving around the city this week involved traffic snarls made worse by construction.
Consider talking or texting on a cellphone while driving.
If the pay is not worth the driving and teaching time, then don't adjunct there again, or teach only the online version.
Soon you are driving to tournaments across the state, yelling at refs and having ice cream after a tough day.
So automakers are looking at ways they could make cars safer by taking driving out of human hands.
And now, they might help cut down fuel use while driving.
Driving is way worse for the environment than lights.
Thanks to more people driving, many of whom probably shouldn't be behind the wheel, and going to possibly unfamiliar destinations.
If it causes a rise in book piracy, it is only because it is driving demand.
Maybe it's the top-gun lingo and ramrod driving posture.
The self-driving cars we've been promised since the dawn of the auto age are here.
The idea is to teach fans, in graphic detail, how driving patterns affect the amount of fuel they use.
Texting while driving makes people twice as slow to react to things.
When you mandate vast acres of un-priced or underpriced parking, that leads to lots of driving.
The first one happened while driving home from a lunch meeting.
Major decisions would be put off for weeks until suddenly she would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.
Then, at nearly the same time, he thought of driving away.
The video shows them then driving off, in the wrong direction down the street and round the corner, towards the protesters.
Rising health care spending, then, is driving a triple crisis.
Texting while driving a car, or even a train, can be lethal: that is clear.
For a while, she tried driving, but found that her fatigue at the end of the day made the trip treacherous.
Whether the races feature open-wheel or stock cars, driving at this level is intensely demanding.
Three dol- lars an hour is his charge for shopping, and four for straight driving, with the usual increase over the weekend.
There are laws against drunk driving, but not against driving with a hangover.
He was driving a pickup truck with white lettering on one side.
As part of his dissertation research, he spent a year living in his old pickup and driving around to state parks.
Consider the simple act of changing lanes while driving a car.
Even as forms of radiation seemed to proliferate, theory was driving physics the other way, toward consolidation.
He had subjects sit in a driving simulator, complete with gas and brake pedals.
The colony lives together for years, driving around their snail vehicle.
Maybe vibrations in the trucks that transport bees across the country are driving the little buzzers insane.
Natural selection and other processes that drive evolution on the outside start driving it on the inside.
Driving a car using only one's thoughts is no longer the stuff of science fiction.
They probably said this same exact thing about whale fat before driving them to near extinction, you know.
Of course, driving cars or flying airplanes is much more dangerous.
With no distinction selection would have no efficacy in terms of driving adaptation.
Tack on estimates for weekend driving and errands based on surveys.
The same technology that allows for self-driving cars is driving this nascent revolution.
They include an onboard gas- or ethanol-powered generator to recharge the battery during driving.
Instead of owning the batteries, the car owners buy subscriptions for a certain number of kilometers of driving per year.
But there's a more significant factor driving interest in this work.
For each, we've chosen a researcher or research team whose work and vision is driving the field.
With congestion pricing, for example, fees are levied for driving on overcrowded roads at peak times.
Click on one of the five buttons above to view animations of how the vehicles operate under different driving conditions.
It would also be prone to quick damage from driving at high speeds for prolonged periods.
Also driving the need for more bandwidth are new sources of data, such as networked sensors.
And all of this spent driving through thick fog and clouds.
He's sure he's driving people crazy by constantly talking about how he can't leave his hotel room.
Get driving directions and check car inventory on dealer websites.
One of my friends has her learner's permit and is driving herself places without an adult in the car.
Sometimes she has friends in the car while she is driving.
He is reported to have been driving under snowy conditions when he lost control of his car, which was struck by another vehicle.
They are driving to the grocery store, to the doctor, or to pick their kids up from school.
Thieves work under the cover of night, supposedly loading hogs into trailers and driving off.
Distracted driving is unsafe, irresponsible and in a split second, its consequences can be devastating.
These tips on driving more efficiently and maintaining your car will help you improve the fuel economy of your car or truck.
Text messaging or reading of text messages while driving is illegal for all drivers.
All other suspensions must be in compliance before limited driving privileges can be used.
By following these tips and advice, you'll be ready for winter driving.
During the driving test, you will not be asked to do anything unlawful.

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