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As you pull out of the driveway, the network to which you both belong automatically alerts her that you are on your way.
He's got a toy car on top of his bookcase because he probably doesn't have a real one parked in the driveway.
Or you can plant wildflowers-even replace your concrete driveway.
Left turns out of the driveway are more dangerous than left turns in.
They must never have seen how pretty rainbows can be made on the driveway from the oil leaked from an old car.
The long, sinuous driveway leads uphill, shrouded in trees and lined by a rock wall.
Each time you turn on a light or back your car out of the driveway, you affect the pace of global climate change.
Consider planting a rain garden in low-lying areas or where storm water drains from your roof or driveway.
He opens the garage door and speeds down the driveway.
Downspouts are often located near an easy runoff pathway, such as a driveway.
The only other guests pacing the driveway were weary low rollers making their way back to the hotel.
Use a broom to clean your patio, walk and driveway instead of a hose.
Our towns elementary school's long long driveway, is basically washed away at one point.
He walked to the next door neighbor's driveway, and laid down again.
Set yourself a goal of walking across the yard, or down the driveway.
In the driveway were two cars, a late-model truck, and an all-terrain vehicle.
Near the fence, in what must have been the driveway, the hoods of two submerged cars and a truck could be seen.
Roy hoisted the animal into his arms and set out for the nearest driveway.
Fritz ran into the driveway, was run over by a car and he gave up the ghost for a new one.
Where the driveway was once flush with the floor of the carport, a bump appears.
He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway.
The lot sizes were small and had houses stacked four, five to a lot, sharing a driveway.
Little pumpkins decorate the driveway, despite the fact that the lakefront property is closed up for the winter.
Some of the staff and a few of the kids have come out on the driveway to watch.
Private companies will soon launch satellites powerful enough to spot environmental hazards-or a car in your driveway.
She already knew what he had in mind, and she started down the driveway ahead of him.
He gazes contentedly down the street, scratching his neat goatee and watching the neighborhood kids shoot hoops in a driveway.
After the salmon spawn, this streambed will be as clean as a gravel driveway.
Outside his neat brick house, a rain gauge rises at the edge of a sloping driveway.
It's really a frumpy old two-story farmhouse with a semi-attached boot shed, plunked in the middle of a big gravel driveway.
The driveway is a long, slow hairpin slide through eucalyptus down to the bottom of the valley.
We pulled a couch and chairs out of the house and sat in the driveway.
Another right, into a shady curve of driveway, a leafy bough hanging low across it.
The host parents had rented a petting zoo for the day, and kids jumped gleefully in a bouncy castle out in the driveway.
Also, it is preferable to wash your car at a commercial car wash instead of in your driveway.
The contractor said that he had replaced the driveway at the home of this owner.
The concrete on the outside surface of the dome has the texture of a driveway.
It's how cars usually get off the street into a parking lot or residential driveway.
The single expanse of lawn serves as both driveway and entry path.
The house has sloped roofs and no down spouts, and a big, wide driveway ready to funnel all that roof runoff right to the street.
They're adding another long raised bed parallel to the driveway.
Never on the driveway, never coming down the driveway, never crossing a driveway.
The next left brings you to a house with a circular driveway and a raised deck out back that captures fragments of sunshine.
He smashed into the concrete driveway and his hip shattered.
It's a perfectly ordinary home, with a car in the driveway and a pink flamingo on the lawn.
We pull into a concrete driveway where an open garage door spills light into the night.
They played in the driveway, where there was a basketball hoop attached to the garage.
Hazel found a bouquet of dead flowers on her driveway.
They drove past it, turned down their steep driveway, and entered the house.
Several arrive in cars without mufflers that barely make it up the steep gravel driveway.
Irked, he climbed a tree and dropped into the driveway.
Bike plow, the green and easy way to clear your driveway and street of snow.
Systems can be installed in a few days beneath the lawn or driveway or under a new or existing house.
The electric car, so long promised, may finally be pulling into your driveway.
There, at the end of the driveway, sits a large swastika.
Walks should be clear of snow, and extra vehicles should be kept from the driveway.
Driveway crossings permit cars to cross the sidewalk and enter the street.
Apply for a permit to construct or alter a garage or driveway.
Report of a commercial vehicle parked in a residential driveway.
Beware of any solicitor coming to your door offering driveway repairs.
Learn what it takes to add to an existing driveway approach.
The driveway ends near a garage located within several feet of the property line.

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