drippy in a sentence

Example sentences for drippy

All this water gave the previously hot and dry climate a humid and drippy subtropical feel.
Kids would have to pack drippy citrus into their lunch boxes.
The last is of the drippy scion of the once-formidable founding family, who fails even to announce the paper's closure properly.
Eyes swollen and drippy to a grotesque level of disgusting hideousness.
Of course, if you have a dungeon you must have skulls, drippy waxy candles and snakes.
So, now he's gone past the bitterness character, and straight to the drippy romance.
The paintballs whiz over his body and slam into the wall at the same height every time, drawing a long, drippy yellow line.
On misty, drippy evenings following rainfall, the insects may not readily display.
Walk through your house and listen for running toilets and look for drippy faucets.
Symptoms of the sniffles include sneezing, hacking, wheezing and drippy eyes and nose.
And after he swam a little while he climbed out of the water, and he was all drippy wet.
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