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Example sentences for drip irrigation

Drip irrigation can reduce the water demand of crops.
And our large investment in drip irrigation systems vastly improves the efficiency of water use.
Retail drip irrigation systems may become clogged with small particles in the grey water, so they may not be a good choice.
Install soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems in areas with trees or shrubs.
The best way to water vegetables in containers is with drip irrigation operated by an automatic controller.
Everything is watered with a drip irrigation system.
We roped in family to create the drip irrigation system.
Courtyard entrance with drip irrigation for plants and flowers.
Those with drip irrigation or sprinklers invariably were reaping rich harvests and profits.
Use efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation to minimize evaporation.
Install drip irrigation when possible to reduce evaporation around plants.
Both surface and subsurface drip irrigation can reduce overland flow and thereby reduce surface transport of pesticides.
Surface drip irrigation, due to its simplicity, has been used to irrigate many types of crops for many years.
Irrigation systems used included simulated furrow irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation, and surface drip irrigation.
Drip irrigation has many advantages over other irrigation methods.
Drip irrigation not only conserves more water than other irrigation methods, it also increases efficiency.
Growing field tomatoes under plastic and drip irrigation is, in some ways, related to growing tomatoes in the greenhouse.
Sprinklers are less efficient for applying water to trees than soaker hoses or drip irrigation, but are easy to use.
Above ground drip irrigation system used in a high tunnel.
Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems for trees and shrubs.
The drip irrigation system saves water and helps prevent the spread of harmful fungus.
The use of drip irrigation and the double cropping of vegetables have been well established.
Drip irrigation systems use many low volume, low pressure water emitters to deliver water to a precise location.
In addition to producing larger fruit, drip irrigation considerably reduced the amount of water required.
Irrigation return flow as influenced by drip irrigation.
And drip irrigation again proved more profitable than furrow.
These systems generally consist of center pivots or drip irrigation.
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