drip pan in a sentence

Example sentences for drip pan

Drip pan shall be located under sanitary sewer pipe.
Place a drip pan under any leaking vehicle or equipment.
The fire was caused by oil and gas which backed up through a malfunctioning check valve in the generator drip pan drain.
Use a drip pan to catch leaks if repairs are delayed.
The fire was confined to the tank drip pan and was immediately extinguished.
When you change your antifreeze, use a drip pan and funnel to return it to its original container.
Unit shall be provided with a condensate pump and a stainless steel drip pan.
If vehicle fluids must be removed outdoors, always use a drip pan.
Empty drip pan regularly, and protect it when it rains.
Adding a drip pan to capture overflow or a hood to capture vapors allows you to reuse materials that would otherwise be wasted.
His right arm was touching the metal drip pan of the defective lathe beside the air pressure supply line.
Always mix paints, varnish, epoxy and other products over a tarp or in a drip pan to catch spills and drips.
The smell of the grill and the contents of the grills drip pan attracts coyotes.
The system shall have a drip pan to contain any and all leakage.
The plumber tells me that my water heater now requires a drip pan.
Enjoy your burgers, and then after you extinguish your grill, consider carefully the humble drip pan.
The drip pan on the grill does not allow for adequate drainage, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers.
Keep a drip pan or absorbent pads under the engine to capture oil and gas drips.
Recycle or dispose of any leaked material collected in a drip pan or bucket properly.
If a drip pan exists under your office refrigerator, clean it regularly.
Use foil or a drip pan to catch juices and help avoid grease fires.
Regularly clean the drip pan under your refrigerator.
Be sure to keep your vehicle free of leaks, and place a drip pan or adsorbent material beneath any leaks until they can be fixed.
Clean under appliances, including emptying the drip pan under the refrigerator.
Place a drip pan under the radiator area of the truck, as the radiator occasionally leaks.
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