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But now, if the board pressed for details, it might be surprised at the kind of milk many of us are drinking.
She's eating and drinking, and yesterday, she laid an egg.
If she is eating and drinking water, that is a good sign.
Many people, however, blame sulfites for the headache they get after drinking red wine.
Most of us are aware that binge drinking is a major problem on many college campuses.
So if you're feeling a little sluggish or off, try drinking some water as your first recourse.
It is craziness to be anywhere near underage drinking.
Those events occur early in the semester and usually involve travel to favorite locations for drinking games and socializing.
Self-resolution of drinking problems as a process of investing and reinvesting in self.
Sometimes they pantomime the copious drinking of wine.
The advice includes everything from reading fluff, to not reading at all, to drinking heavily.
Okay, smoking pot isn't a great choice, but neither is drinking beer or eating high fat or high sugar food.
Even a cow has a water footprint, drinking four gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk.
The once lush countryside began to parch and drinking water slowly evaporated.
From shortly after breakfast until almost dinner, they sat around tables, drinking wine.
As if on cue, a local doctor complained theatrically about the necessity of drinking warm wine.
Drinking and smoking had gotten him suspended from high school.
For years, the alcoholic beverage industry argued that labels would unfairly stigmatize light and moderate drinking.
Life is too short to let indecision or inexperience cut into your drinking.
Being serious about drinking means being serious about ice.
It's small enough to take with you and ensure safe drinking abroad, too.
So he has started spending quality time drinking chai with local leaders instead of fighting a shooting war.
There is a difference between eating and drinking for strength and from mere gluttony.
Eating and drinking make the stomach full but the purse empty.
There were feasts and drinking and singing by the bards.
The third, is extraordinary temperance in eating and drinking.
The official came upon a little party of four drinking beer out of the cover of a milk-can in the hallway.
The majority of these words, it will be noted, relate to eating and drinking.
He hadn't been drinking, and decided that if he took no more, it would be reasonably discreet for him to trot along in the party.
Not all recycled water is purified for consumption as drinking water.
The shale gas industry maintains that its safeguards protect drinking water and land.
Eighteen percent of the world's population can't get safe drinking water.
The shale gas industry maintains that it protects drinking water and land.
Also discuss the importance of having a clean drinking water supply.
The shale gas industry maintains that it takes care to protect drinking water and land.
Freshwater ecosystems are essential for human survival, providing the majority of people's drinking water.
Leftover drinking and cooking water can also be used in the garden.
Villagers have to buy water for everything-cooking, cleaning, drinking-from trucks that drive up the steep hill every week.
The infusion of salt also threatens drinking water supplies in cities.
Not only are their incomes small, but they often pay a lot more for drinking water than do their richer compatriots.
As a commodity, drinking water is increasingly in short supply.
More significant still, drinking is done in occasional binges rather than frequent sips.
He hypothesises that for the others, drinking is less about automatic impulses and more about making a conscious decision.
Groundwater provides about a fifth of the planet's water needs and half its drinking water.
But the latest plan to deter binge-drinking could prove a blessing for pubs.
Even best mates on a drinking binge will have long silences.
The incident could conceivably have been caused by binge drinking.
The other way to grow bigger profits is by acquiring businesses in emerging markets where beer drinking has boomed.
Bars have been asked, gently at first and now rather crossly, to cut back on promotions that encourage binge-drinking.
In the rich world, where beer drinking has peaked or is in decline, brewers have been acquiring rivals and slashing costs.
Profits are thinner in such places, but beer drinking is growing healthily.
And outright theft is not unheard of, as the poor seek to fill their drinking vessels and the rich their swimming pools.
Determining a new federal standard for acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking water was no easy task.
The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are varied, ranging from preventing bad breath to protecting your heart.
It is also the clearest sign yet that regulators are concerned about the effect of drilling on drinking water there.
But to keep charging ahead at full steam, they also need to be vigilant about their health, which means eating and drinking right.
In other words, it might encourage more drinking, or even be addictive.
Scientists have found that ingesting a particular plant extract prior to drinking may cut the risk of a severe hangover in half.
It's a lot better than drinking while you're actually conducting the studies that you're presenting on, anyway.
She had no history of smoking, heavy drinking or psychiatric disorders.
But should you keep these people from drinking, you risk their draining rubbing alcohol from your medical cabinet.
Many people in the world lack access to clean drinking water.
It blocks the brain's reward mechanisms, which are often triggered by drinking.
Yes, there is a chance of other people catching the bug too, as contaminated human excrements could get to drinking water sources.
Getting access to clean drinking water is an ongoing problem for people in developing countries.
Getting access to drinking water is a daily challenge for more than one billion people in the world.
Drinking water infested with germs and parasites or steeped in toxic chemicals is the number-one health problem in the world.
Drinking water is pumped from aquifers that are generally hundreds, not thousands of feet deep.
The water can then be stored in a reservoir for drinking water.
Your breath can tell a lot more about you than whether you brushed your teeth this morning or have been drinking alcohol.
Toxic water pollution was widespread, and drinking water in many areas was much less safe, primarily from bacterial contamination.
And because methanol dissolves in water, it poses a threat to underground drinking water supplies.
Dining on fish while drinking alcohol is the quintessential hallmark of being urban and secular.
Our theory is that their energy comes from drinking lots and lots of coffee.
Crane was drinking wildly and behaving erratically but still spoke of plans for future work.
She had tried to take the edge off her grief by heavy drinking, but it hadn't worked.
Even when she was depressed or hung over from drinking the night before, she went to work.
The clubbers, the scene gays, the old boys heading to their drinking clubs-all formatted.
Seriously, though, it is extremely difficult to get a college graduate to stop drinking alcohol.
His idea was to make cheap wine that yuppies would feel comfortable drinking.
The four of us were sitting around his kitchen table drinking gin.
In the nineteenth century, letting wage-earners stand around drinking coffee would have seemed preposterous.
The two couples were pointedly drinking and smoking.
Joanna had a drinking problem-or a former drinking problem-and worrying about her was a habit.
McAllen, with its high poverty rate, has an incidence of heavy drinking sixty per cent higher than the national average.
Most of us will be all too familiar with the consequences of night of heavy drinking.
In space, the iodine can be removed before the water is used for drinking.
Once they became adult rats, their rate of milk drinking dropped and then stayed steady as they got older.
It is high up in the throat of nonhuman primates, so the root of the tongue can shield the opening during eating and drinking.
The disease is still common in some developing countries where sewage contaminates drinking water.
Other studies suggested that crime rates were lower in areas where lithium was present in drinking water.
So basically vampires without the whole drinking blood thing.
Drinking alcohol may be one of the only ways you can fall asleep.
If you stop drinking, you shake, which is caused by a nervous disorder.
As recently as last month, drinking parents seemed to be all the rage.
Drinking too much is a deadly gamble at any time of year, but especially during the holidays.
We were guys standing around in a field drinking hooch.
The charm of drinking yourself sick and vomiting on someone was as much of a mystery to me then as it is now.
While depression is by no means unknown when people stop drinking, it is usually on a scale that is not menacing.
They experimented with drinking blood and bodily fluids.
The vodka drinking did not stop, and he added a new ingredient to the mix: cocaine.
Most drinking water there came from distant mountain snows, as did the water that irrigates plants.
She was drinking champagne, laughing loudly and merrily.
Summer means that day-drinking is socially sanctioned and sometimes there's swimming.
Resource center for changing the college drinking culture.
Access to safe drinking water is essential to human health.
Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought.
Alcohol education, alcohol screening: college drinking.
Simple steps to cut down on drinking or stop drinking alcohol.
Safe drinking water is essential to maintaining good human health.
Frequently asked questions: college drinking, alcohol myths, alcohol poisoning.

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