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Example sentences for drinkable

One of them who knew how to swim was much interested in finding that the ocean water was not drinkable.
Drinkable water is not expected to last much longer.
We had decided to raise our children in a place where the water was drinkable, and the skies clear at night.
Most of above made from alcohol once containing deadly government wood alcohol, made drinkable by distillation.
He tried mixing it with several things, but failed to make it drinkable.
All the water, brought in by trucks, is contaminated and must be boiled to make it drinkable.
The streams and waterfalls yield drinkable water said to have healing properties.
If only this technology became wide-spread all over the continent, the problem with shortage of drinkable water would vanish.
All that will do is burn your lips and lengthen the time it takes for the now-brewed tea to be drinkable.
It consistently earned votes for being highly drinkable, balanced and refreshing.
Her home has a constant supply of running water, drinkable straight from the standpipe outside.
The road network is decrepit and there is no drinkable mains water.
Yet conditions are harsh, with poor sanitation, limited access to drinkable water and few employment opportunities.
The third way is they use desalination plants to turn ocean water into drinkable water.
Turning urine into drinkable water apparently isn't so easy.
Find better ways to clean water and make it drinkable.
To be drinkable, well water is purified through machinery run by electricity.
Finding fresh, drinkable water should be a top priority upon discovering that you are stranded.
Visitors have access to picnic tables and pit toilets, as well as drinkable water.
Most of the water is drinkable, but bring a means of treating the water in case a notice is posted saying otherwise.
Thus, the rain from hurricanes falls as drinkable water, with only slight salt content.
The campground has vault toilets, and drinkable water is available from a hand pump.
Better water filtration will eliminate many diseases from developing countries and fill the need for drinkable water.
Tap water is drinkable but tastes of chlorine, so buy bottled.
Drinkable water and toilet facilities are available, but there are no shower facilities.
The resulting coffee is mellow, smooth and exceedingly drinkable.
It usually takes workhorse yeasts cultivated to thrive in the tough conditions of a fermentation tank to produce a drinkable brew.
What results are intensely complex beers rich with flavor and deeply drinkable.
They had no electricity, no drinkable water and no sewerage.
Freshwater ecosystems are aquatic systems which contain drinkable water or water of almost no salt content.
Essentially non-drinkable grain alcohol, ethanol is produced by fermenting plant sugars.
In this lesson, students explore the water cycle and the role it can play in making water drinkable.
Reclaimed water is non drinkable, highly-treated wastewater that can be used for a variety of purposes.
Make sure you have sufficient bottled drinking water and other drinkable liquid, such as fruit and vegetable juices.
The streams and tributaries are not drinkable so bring plenty of water.
There is a well and water pump at the campground and the water is drinkable.
The small amounts of water found are not drinkable or filterable due to the high sediment content.
In a sophisticated security system to alter the current system for drinkable water would be almost impossible.
Yes, a drinking fountain and drinkable tap water are available inside the ranger station.
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