drill rig in a sentence

Example sentences for drill rig

Many landowners don't know where the drill rig is but are pocketing one or more thousand per acre per year.
Various parts of a drill rig create noise besides the drilling rod.
Personnel on the ground should keep away from the drill rig unless they are required for the task.
The drill rig frame must rest atop the pavement when holes are being drilled.
The auger itself is driven either mechanically or by a hydraulically-powered drill rig.
Flesher also noted that the map he observed at the drill rig on the day of the blowout did show the mine workings in question.
Photo of electrohydraulic drill rig that was used to drill the horizontal borehole.
Observe overhead lines, tree limbs, or other objects before raising the mast of the drill rig.
Extends stabilizing jackscrews to support and level drill rig.
While workers were rigging up a drill rig, the bottom came loose when the crew picked up the rig.
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