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In tamping down some in a bore-hole with a steel star drill.
We filled up the hole with all the used-up diamond drill bits and sent a bunch of pipe whistling down the hole.
They could then pump the escaping methane to the surface of the seafloor through another drill hole.
Engineers predict it will take up to four months to drill a hole large enough to rescue the trapped miners.
If somebody takes a power drill and drills a hole in the bottom of the boat, we're all screwed.
Seal the hole and drill a new one for the next load.
If you go to the hardware store looking for a drill, chances are what you really want is not a drill but a hole.
The boat's drill spun deeper and deeper into the ocean floor.
Researchers have fashioned a microwave drill using parts found in common kitchen appliances.
Field paleontologists drill under a mummified dinosaur's ten-ton body block, now separated from its tail.
Instead, the department decided to add more scrutiny to any potential application to drill in the two areas, he said.
Traditional armies drill unquestioning obedience into their grunts.
The drill has teeth around the leading edge and a hollow center.
Otherwise you'll need to fill in the old holes and drill new ones.
Drill two holes in the bottom of the frames for the cords.
At any time, you can easily drill down to read the notes you have stored regarding that aspect of your project.
Anyone who thinks we're going to drill our way to abundant energy is mad.
One of the maritime changes after this disaster, which you can still see in the mandatory lifeboat drill on today's cruise ships.
The secret is to press the drill firmly against the screw as you pull the start trigger on the drill.
With the help of an adult, drill two small holes into the soles of the old shoes for draining.
The first step in refinishing your kitchen cabinets is to remove all the hardware with a screwdriver or drill.
The town is overrun by geeks who expect more than the traditional fill and drill when they visit the dentist.
Still, each of those earlier two books praise drill and rote learning.
No one will really know until companies explore and drill.
He tells her to put on a life jacket, and go to the deck for a drill.
It's best to use a drill press, but the job can be done with a handheld electric drill.
They drill tunnels designed to collapse diagonally off the main tunnels.
The pattern in the plywood valences was created with drill bits in varying sizes.
Initially, it was conceived to replace coaxial cables and remove the need to drill holes and string wires.
With an electric drill fitted with a small bit, create holes at branch tips for a berry effect.
Engineers could drill for water, but would be under pressure to share it with local populations and with refugees.
He pushes more buttons, and a different size drill instantly reports for duty.
The scientists plan to drill into another, as yet unselected, dark volcanic rock along the way.
Drill pilot holes and screw the spreaders to the legs.
Can an old tree limb be used to drill holes in or must it be a finished post style piece of wood.
It was a huge pain to drill holes in the screen, and they were never large enough.
Drill or poke holes in wood, metal or plastic containers to allow water to drain from the bottom of the planters.
To get the gas out, companies drill down into the shale, then sideways through the deposit.
Too bad there were no links to drill down on the details.
Workers drilling at the site said they also found a sheet of gold wrapped around the drill bit when they withdrew it.
The study's findings indicate cause for concern within a much larger radius than previously imagined around drill sites.
To get at this oil, companies will drill in deep waters to tap reserves below the ocean floor.
Drill, heck you might not even want to live there if you could see what was down there.
Drill a port in the center of one face and weld on a pipe normal to that face.
Drill a port on the edge and weld on a pipe tangent to the edge.
They wriggle around, they latch on to surfaces, they drill their way through.
Sixty more people perform the same drill, half of them filching a watch and the others, a ring.
Oyster drill populations are greatly reduced when salinity levels return to previous levels.
If a rig is unable to drill because of equipment malfunction or maintenance work at port, it earns nothing.
It's all right to drill down to an essence of character and reveal it in quick, telling strokes.
And, at this year's drill, computers that could see the action.
The drill press went into the garage next to a workbench.
The immature parasites drill through the wall of a snail's gut and settle in the digestive gland.
The combination of emergency fire stairs and fire-drill training works.
The company's first attempt with a relief well failed, so it had to drill a second.
Surely everyone knows that the bst place to drill for oil is in the oil rich cracks between two or more plates.
We can debate if a socket wrench makes a good enough hammer and drill press, but it really is foolish to plan that way.
But they do not drill, explore or refine the oil and process gas.
Practicing drill under their sergeant's orders in broad daylight in the main road.
Not enough capital has been invested to drill in the expensive exotic locations to keep up with demand.
The cheerleaders, dance drill team and marching band were hired as extras.
From there, they could drill into each topic in more depth.
Think of them instead as boot camp drill instructors, whipping out of shape or underperforming laggards into top-flight athletes.
There isn't a drill or scenario he hasn't gone through in his mind a hundred times.

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