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If your attention is drifting a bit by now, you aren't alone.
The inherent conflict in government is the constantly changing and drifting nature of leadership.
His early years had been spent as a drifting particle in the general westward flow of the population.
Some drifting helplessly-some with contagious diseases.
We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end.
The tips flaked and broke off, drifting in microgravity where they could potentially harm an astronaut or equipment.
He surely died before continents started drifting away.
Ideally, the vehicle will accomplish the kind of drifting, fast turns that race car drivers make.
So either the objects are drifting alone through the galaxy or they orbit their stars at a great remove.
Wow, the right wing delusional alternate reality bubble is drifting further and further away from reality.
They feed on drifting organic matter as they themselves drift above the ocean floor.
What differentiates a blizzard from a mere windstorm is the drifting snow.
He slipped into an irreversible coma while drifting slowly down.
She was failing in school and her friends were drifting toward drugs, alcohol and trouble.
College entrance requirements appear to be drifting into an exaggerated importance.
There are moments when the film maker's spirit seems on the verge of taking leave of his body and drifting into the ether.
The result is that the state is drifting towards bankruptcy.
Talent is drifting to pay-television, in part because there are fewer appealing roles in film.
As a result, more foreign fighters are drifting into the country.
Until then, the government will be drifting and wrapped up in its own affairs.
But his people are drifting out of his secularist orbit.
Viewers and creative verve are drifting steadily from broadcast to cable networks.
Health-care providers, for example, are drifting out of city centres to serve suburbia's increasingly aged residents.
Miners worked high-grade veins underground using traditional drifting and stoping.
Drifting with files while wading near or standing on the shore is popular in the spring.
Rafting options range from a slow-drifting crawl to wet and wild rapids.
They spend their entire life drifting in the open oceans of warm regions worldwide.
We find the prints of about a hundred chiru frozen in mud and outlined by drifting snow.
Gradually, his tumble stops, but he's still drifting away.
He's on his belly, drifting downstream past a half dozen kayakers who sit along the riverbank and watch as he goes by.
Some expedition scientists believe the fern grew in river deltas or coastal lagoons, its spores drifting into the open ocean.
If enough of it disappeared, the ancient ice would begin drifting into the sea.
Most people tend to think of marine microbes, if they think of them at all, as simply drifting wherever ocean currents take them.
He speculates that the logs might serve an additional purpose-acting as cheap transport when storms send the wood drifting.
The animals also mimic leafy weeds by drifting along with ocean currents, snacking on sea lice or tiny crustaceans.
Drifting pack ice repeatedly blocked his way on subsequent expeditions.
Some plant seeds may travel by drifting in the ocean.
Perhaps by now they held deep in the safety of a pool under the drifting snow.
The smolts used the strong flows to migrate, drifting downstream with the current.
Drifting around between colleges and afterward, he earned his way as a mechanic.
The older brothers aren't as active as they should be, some of them are drifting away.
The two countries have been drifting apart ever since.
He begins conversations with a symphony of dancing hands and flopping hair, only to end up drifting in deep verbal space.
All the while they are drifting southwest along the seaward side of the bank and then northeast along the landward side.
Then you say that they were really slow moving flares, drifting straight down.
Some can be the continents drifting and altering wind and ocean currents.
Our hosts have generously allowed us to spout off, often drifting off-topic for days at a time, here on their platform.
With no ties to the old ways, they are drifting further from the traditions and language of their parents.
Twitter seemed promising, but the firm was drifting.
These drugs offered oblivion, not ethereality, a rush into the void rather than a slow drifting to blissful serenity.
There was something enormously graceful and droll in his movements, and my eyes kept drifting back to him.
Across the river, four more drink from a pool obscured by low red stalks of willow, and others still are drifting in.
Select a school or teacher to see where their buoy is drifting in the ocean currents.
Roadways are extremely hazardous with blowing and drifting snow.
Satellite-tracked drifting buoy data are being collected by numerous investigators and agencies in several countries.
High winds reduce roadway capacity by obstructing lanes or roads with drifting snow and wind-blown debris, such as tree limbs.
Drifting snow can also be especially hazardous for travelers.

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