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If weapons dried up north of the border, cartels would find other sources.
When the water dried up, wind eroded away the sediments, leaving behind the deep crevices and some layers of sedimentary rocks.
The best part is the wood is dried to the correct percentage for my area.
But in an old, familiar story, automation and outsourcing dried up the demand for labor and diminished wages.
If the intestine has been inflated and dried, the lips are of a semilunar shape.
The collector has dried all the plants in his herbal, but he has lost weight and humor.
The fountains of vanity and ambition seemed to have dried up within me, as completely as those of benevolence.
The clay is dried and strengthened by adding finely pulverized pottery shards before pots are shaped, painted and fired.
He put some of the other dried snails in water, he said, and they too started moving.
Here and there, a dead bat lies on the ground, the bodies hardly more substantial than dried leaves.
Moments later, the mixture is a porridge the color of sun-dried tomatoes.
There's no mystery as to the source of all the trouble: advertising revenue has dried up.
His water had dried up, and he rolled around in the stone bed of his trough, making that long sad sound that tigers make.
He was hunched and dried-out, with random wisps of white hair falling over his ears and neck.
We know that when perspiration is dried by the air there is a cooling effect on the body.
They tested dried tissue and shells from oysters in two aqua-culture sites.
And, in my opinion, dried mushrooms don't taste that bad.
The corn kernels will then be further dried in a special drying bin before being stored for shipment to the grain buyers.
The flask had no watter, but the consists on the dried sediments, perfectly sealed and marked.
It's easy to store dried plants away from moisture so microbes wont break them down.
Coal, oil or radioactive material is less renewable than dried produce or timber.
Freeze-dried blood could come in handy in developing countries with limited refrigeration.
Two million new cars overwhelmed the city's expressways before the lane paint dried.
Couscous, freeze-dried vegetables and rice are all popular options.
More recently, some start-ups and other small companies turned to this technique when traditional sources of capital dried up.
The photographs were developed, fixed and dried by the probe's onboard film processing unit.
Within a few years, it had become apparent that these predictions were absurdly unrealistic, and the funding soon dried up.
The algae also have to be separated from the water that they are grown in and dried out before the oil can be removed.
By having a self refining engine, you can use nearly any fuel, including dried algae.
Advanced plans dried up, and left us with only the shuttle, and in this particular form.
When the money dried up, he again threatened to go public with his information.
Some are strewn with withered wreaths and dried flowers, and suddenly the meaning of the wrecks becomes clear.
Bankruptcy finally came now because its credit finally dried up, so it had no financing to continue to tread water.
The seeds are dried and remain in parchment until they're prepared for shipping.
Wind and solar didn't die when the tax credits dried up.
That's dried out the region, making it a tinderbox for fires.
Other net hunters traditionally smoked or dried their catch and stored it for leaner times.
Cindy has been busy pulverizing her oven-dried animal bits with a small mortar and pestle.
Garlicky kale, a robust winter green, gains an unexpected twist with dried cranberries' saucy hits of tartness.
Heat dried wok over high heat until a drop of water evaporates instantly.
What they didn't eat fresh, they dried and pounded into a powder for later.
They are being damaged and dried out by air pollutants and global warming.
Hungry visitors can buy fresh, dried, or fried salmon.
As these places slowly dried up, remnant populations became isolated from the other crocodiles on the continent.
Cave pearls, ranging in size from marbles to baseballs, fill a section of dried-out pools.
The tracks of a little bird are seen in a dried-out river basin, where you could hardly imagine a form of life.
Pressed and dried, it became a sheet of high-quality calligrapher's paper.
They struck the water monsters with lightning bolts and boiled their lakes and streams until they dried up.
Bottles and cans should be rinsed and dried all paper, plastic, and metals should be clean.
Today the tart berries are marketed year-round in both juice and dried form.
Stone-not sun-dried mud brick-gave permanence to these monuments, the last of the world's ancient wonders.
New evidence suggests the salty lake once dried out completely-and might support biblical disaster accounts.
Business had dried up and their forges had all gone cold.
Nor does this figure include the effect of fire on dried-up bogs.
But as cheap financing has dried up and economies have tumbled into recession, investors have become badly exposed.
Few inspect the counters and jars filled with exotic salves and cures, from dried bats and lizards to caterpillar fungus.
The evidence submitted in real courts is often not as cut-and-dried as it seems on television.
Estimates of output have slumped and currencies have dropped as capital inflows have dried up.
Sodium montmorillonite can be freeze-dried into a spongelike material known as an aerogel.
Western financial incompetence has trashed the value of their investments and consumer demand has dried up.
The cooking is completed at high temperatures in the cans which are then dried and labelled.
As even some leading law firms struggle for survival, recruitment has dried up.
But in a land that used to export priests and nuns to the world, vocations have dried up.
Credit has dried up-so that applying the fiscal and monetary stimulus consistent with full employment is not enough.
As the flow of finance to electricity generators dried up, so did the orders to equipment manufacturers.
But oil earnings tumbled and foreign investment dried up, even as the population tripled.
The issuance has since also dried up, but it represented progress.
Last year the flow of central-bank gold almost dried up, even as the price soared.
For much of the closing decades of the last century the arguments looked cut and dried.
It is unable to refinance loans because the new capital controls mean all credit to the country has dried up.
The first sector to keel over was residential construction, as demand for new homes dried up.
Unfortunately, though, things don't tend to be quite so cut-and-dried.
Part of that is no doubt timing, but mostly it's because almost all garbanzos are dried.
If you prefer something sweeter, use dried sweet cherries and in the fall use dried cranberries.
Kraft is sneaking freeze-dried cauliflower powder into its macaroni and cheese.
In an era of high gas prices, enhanced airport security and airfare wars, the comparison is not as cut and dried.
Add the sun-dried tomatoes and arugula, then toss well.
Fish is often enjoyed grilled, dried, raw or pickled.
Add the sun--dried tomatoes and cook for another minute.
Boil a potato instead of buying au gratin dried potatoes in a box.
Prepare canned and freeze-dried camping foods later in the week.
Du credited his success to the dried monkey heads on the back of his long gowns.
Applesauce or pureed dried plums offer moistness as a replacement for butter in some cakes.
Pitas, olive oil or butter, garlic salt and dried parsley.
If it didn't work politically, the billion-dollar pipeline would have dried up years ago.
Worse yet, my sausage links have shriveled into dried lumps of brown matter.

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