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Example sentences for dribble

Dribble water into the center cup of a bromeliad when it dries.
Dribble one cup per colony over and between the frames.
They need every irrelevant dribble of detail to keep people glued to their televisions.
The wind and water are hot, and only a few crabs dribble in.
No matter where you are, you can only take two steps with the game ball before you have to dribble.
The links you have posted point out alarmist dribble and absolutely no factual information.
Some venture capitalists set performance targets and dribble out funding as a company meets them.
It is this kind of supposedly data-driven dribble that is being used as a bludgeon against teachers.
Why else these incessant, endless dribble of hateful comments.
Next time, think before you dribble on to those who do not care.
Every error is an error of substance, a betrayal of ignorance and inexperience, the academic equivalent of the double dribble.
Over that you want to dribble some sour cream and guacamole.
That's why teapots with spouts made from thin metal are less likely to dribble.
Even with the second task, the seasoned soccer players could dribble at nearly full speed.
Having drool dribble down my chin is definitely not acceptable behavior.
For all of you yelling about how this is mindless dribble or that the point isn't new at all dont get the point of this article.
Griffin doesn't need a running start to go grab rebounds, nor a dribble or two to dunk from close range.
So you waffle and skate, and let bits and pieces dribble out over days.
Billy can dribble with his left hand, and with his right hand.
Once you've mastered dribbling in place with one hand, switch to the other and begin to move around as you dribble.
Dribble with short-handled and long-handled implements while stationary and moving.
We chose to make this dramatic change all at once and not dribble it out over several years.
Basketball players, for example, spend hours and hours working on their dribble or jump shot.
Each fruit has been precut so that, when squeezed, the peels slip around and dribble juice.
First, dribble a ball without obstacles or opponent for a given distance.
Experiment: dribble sugar water in a line on the ground, and see if the ants follow it.
He learned to dribble and collect his ball from the floor before all the others.
Small pieces of rock continue to dribble down from the highwall.

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