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Example sentences for dress up

In a climate where clothes are superfluous, this is how you dress up for special occasions.
Across the country, people are monkeying with the optimal day to dress up.
Retailers dress up menswear campaigns as flip and hip.
Some people need to dress up to feel professional and answer in a professional way.
Others have told us they find it helps to dress up for a phone interview.
Colorful saris dress up a remodeled backyard shed for summer relaxing.
At night, dress up jeans and a linen shirt with a turquoise-studded belt or brooch.
Dress up your alfresco dining scene with this pretty centerpiece.
For the littlest members of your ghoulish brood, there will be story times and opportunities to play dress up.
Others dress up their guides in period costumes to tell the story of their prized displays.
It's not the job of economists to dress up their arguments morally.
He could inspire people to dress up in ridiculous neo-fascist uniforms, but not to fight in any serious way.
Dress up your e-greeting with an image of freshly washed party dresses.
Battlements, bridge, medieval armor dress up baronial manor.
The history of the island has shaped its traditional styles of dress up through the present.
Still, everyone must occasionally dress up and some of you unfortunates have to wear a tie every day.
Anyone can dress up as a scientist, play the part, and tell you anything.
It's true that to a mathematical layman, you can dress up a bunch of baloney and make it sound good.
T here are people who dress up and there are people who dress down.
They come on time, dress up nicely, and have great manners.
For a chance to play dress up, the salary is not bad.
Dress up your frozen concoctions with a paper umbrella or parrot.
As a producer, he oversees sitcoms and theatrical productions, only half of which require him to dress up in drag.
Using props, dress up one of the students to demonstrate the characteristics of birds.
Dress up your serving line to draw attention to fruits and vegetables to encourage children to make these selections.
Dress up your serving line to draw attention to fruits and vegetables.
They paint and draw, dress up and play music all to encourage the special curiosity, imagination and joy of childhood.
Protestors were encouraged to dress up, sit quietly, and occupy every other stool so potential white sympathizers could join in.
Children are invited to dress up in costume but it is not required.
Kids are encouraged to dress up and bring treat bags to gather candy at each scene.
Awnings were an easy way to dress up and distinguish homes of virtually any style.
We request that all students dress up for this occasion and avoid wearing sweat pants and tank tops.
Special school dress up and color days signify school spirit and provide students with a sense of unity.
While you are not required to dress up for jury service, the court will expect that you dress in a respectful manner.
Time to dress up in your favorite costume and test out your trick-or-treating skills.
Dress up your serving line to draw attention to fruits and vegetables and to encourage children to make these selections.

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