drenching in a sentence

Example sentences for drenching

The dry season was approaching, but there were still heavy, drenching rains.
Go on now and don't destroy him and he drenching with sweat.
But you'd never know that from the eye-drenching colors it splashes on the screen.
The processions, with blood drenching the garments of frenzied believers, are a revolutionary's dream.
Then there was the weather-either drenching wet or burning cold.
Days may be sunny and bright or filled with drenching rains.
Whether you've had weight loss, drenching night sweats, or fevers.
When rainfall occurs, particularly long-slow drenching rain, the mountain slopes become saturated.
Drenching thunderstorms can form in a matter of hours, and snow can fall at any time of the year.
Patients who become sick may experience fever, drenching sweats, muscle or joint pain and malaise.
He was feverish and had teeth-chattering chills and drenching sweats.

Famous quotes containing the word drenching

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I myself saw furious with blood Neoptolemus, at his side the black Atridae, Hecuba and the hundred daughters, Priam Cut ... more
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