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Example sentences for dreary

This man was doing nothing more than trying to brighten our dreary little worlds, after all.
Thank you for helping me start my dreary work day with a hearty laugh.
Most modern life is dreary, with an awful lot of routine drudgery.
Your letter arrived as something to alleviate winter's dreary grays.
This afternoon I smiled at the beauty of the foothills when the clouds lifted following a dreary wet gray morning.
Judging from the trailer, it looks dreary and dull.
Some days must be dark and dreary.
It was clean but dreary, painted institutional green.
Meetings were a dreary routine of memorizing and reciting rules and axioms.
The building was anonymous, the fluorescent-lighted stairway dreary.
Aesthetic appeal is high, although rather gray and dreary in the off-season.
Tilt the controller to gather flower petals and bring color back to a dreary landscape and a sinister-looking city.
The writing was barely literate, the page layouts dreary.
TiVo announcements provide sunny spin for dreary financial news app.
The gridlocked and toxically divisive capital can be a dreary place.
Mountains provide an antidote to modern life and its dreary preoccupation with maximising comfort and minimising risk.
Companies are good at getting people to rise at dawn for a day's dreary labour.
The daily press was scathing about what was-dodgy stage-management aside-a dreary, earthbound slab of oratory.
The art auction phenomenon has finally slowed, and fashion brands are tightening their logo belts for a dreary winter.
Fortunately, his story has not turned out to be so dreary.
In these boom times, nightlife has moved from dreary to dramatic.
Their paper served to yank dreaming from the realms of the psychological and plonk it in a dreary, physiological bucket.
We chase away dreary winter doldrums by decorating our lives with them.
During the months of winter and early spring life was drab and dreary.
Don't let the dreary weather make you into a couch potato.
Three of the five engineers went outside during the winter to bring back brides to brighten up the dreary atmosphere.

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