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New valuable ideas, new valuable works are circulating in the place of our old dreamy and romantic authors.
All the wishes of dreamy eyed eco's will not change the laws of physics and economics.
The indecisive dreamy composition gives place to a noble architectonic.
The rush of the water and the booming of the mill bring a dreamy deafness, which seems to heighten the peacefulness of the scene.
The look is quite lost on him: he eats his apple with a dreamy expression of happiness, as it is quite a good one.
There was a dusky, dreamy smell of flowers and the ghost of a new moon in the sky and shadows everywhere.
The same mobile melancholy, dreamy, objectless melancholy.
Okay, now take a look at the dreamy concoctions on these pages.
Tolling church bells and dreamy panoramas from rooftop whirlpool, alfresco restaurant.
The air was dreamy with ripeness from laden branches and rot underfoot.
Despite such dreamy free publicity, the first episode didn't get good ratings.
He can appear dreamy, distant, and even indifferent during games.
They are as obvious as furniture and as dreamy as whatever mood you're in.
Certainly all things are possible in a dreamy world.
Historical details about their work on radioactivity are set among dreamy illustrations on luminous pages.
Any dreamy, pen-chewing poet would feel at home there, musing on mortality.
It also means dreamy, super-wide landscape and cityscape shots.
And yet he says it with a dreamy quality in his voice.
She is a dreamy four-year-old, and on her own two feet, she's liable to meander.
He is also trying to bring back the romance of wearing dreamy lipsticks again, and let me tell you, they are quite dreamy.
So one group of workplace series specializes in showing that dream jobs are not always so dreamy.
The soothing voice was part of the shtick, along with the dreamy graphics and cursive typeface.
Please stop by to enjoy the vibrant colors depicting a dreamy and strange underwater world.
All the furnishing in the home are handcrafted and add the perfect touch for a dreamy summer afternoon or snowy winter day.
It produces a dreamy state of mind and creates the illusion that your senses are sharper than ever.
Some people who conduct informational interviews discover their dream job isn't so dreamy after all.

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