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But it would be natural if politicians dreamt of an arrangement in which they could wield power without being seen to wield power.
We can talk about your feelings and what you dreamt about last night.
Though he dreamt of putting out a book, he confesses that he is terrible at promoting himself.
It wasn't changing lead into gold, as the medieval alchemists had dreamt.
Or do a hundred things you've always dreamt of doing.
It had everything they had dreamt of as a family with two small children.
Then the staghounds woke, and began howling and baying; so that I dreamt fitfully, and scarcely slept until the approach of dawn.
That I did not, is simply because no such thing was heard, or even dreamt of.
My lady dreamt, sir, of you.
It has been a much bigger undertaking than I ever dreamt.
All these mental illnesses, abnormalities, etc have been dreamt up for two sole purposes: fame and fortune.
In turn, more and more younger workers have dreamt of retiring even earlier.
Both were set up for people who dreamt of homeownership, but could not afford it.
It is vital to understand that this third finale is not a nightmare dreamt up by editorial writers.
Worldwide is supposed to be chiefly a glorified sales house, marketing content dreamt up by free-thinking public-service spirits.
What has changed is that a number of other prevention techniques have been dreamt up and are now in the final phases of testing.
In all the possible three-way choices dreamt up by the pollsters, he romped home to victory by a mile.
Policy experts dreamt up the initial ideas, and other departments' views were heard in cabinet committees.
The fault, however, is with those who dreamt up this travesty of an economy in the first place to fill their own pockets.
Its clever, simple ads featuring its now famous clear bottle were dreamt up long before the vodka was fermented.
There are more things in us than are dreamt of in materialism.
But those who dreamt about the task fared even better.
Rich food and wine such as he had never dreamt of tasting were brought to the tables.
The criticism that this has not been experienced but only thought in a peculiar manner-dreamt-comes to us only on awakening.
It announced itself one day, and you dreamt then of waking up well one morning.
Civilians who had never dreamt they would see such images in public stared in rapt silence, still not daring to laugh out loud.
It was during this time, he said, that he dreamt of an around-the-world balloon flight.
Most of us, at some point in our lives, have dreamt about suddenly coming into a whole lot of unexpected cash to give away.
During the last twenty years, streams that nobody dreamt would ever need mapping are now experiencing heavy development pressure.

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