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The "exam dream" is American dreamers' second-most-common scenario.
Just another pipe dream of what could have been.
My dream destination has always been Egypt.
To sleep -- perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub.
Today the dream has all but disappeared.
Making games has always been my dream job (well, one of two, but professional football never panned out… big surprise there).
See how a dream gets built.
Many of the poems in this collection depict a kind of dream state that .
Each night we dream and we leave our bodies to "peek" into the coming days.
My dream job is open, and I'm not qualified for it.
His dream of gargantuan expansion comes first both as first-announced and as the foundation for everything else.
Hoping for solace, she described this dream to her grandfather, a wise and highly respected elder.
Some middle-school boys dream of playing professional baseball.
It has been my dream since childhood to attend your college.
But sometimes it takes such drastic action to change the direction of your life and allow you to follow a dream.
He explains that he wants to inspire kids to dream their dreams and reach their own goals.
BolĂ­var's dream of a unified region, a place where all nations would gather to form a stronger people, never came to be.
Or, if you haven't yet been, let us know why you dream of heading there some day.
But materials and engineering skill lagged far behind the dream.
Which is to say they were, these ethers and heart-swellings, as fleeting as a dream.
Let's keep the dream alive and make the unknown elements of space known to our world.
The dream machines were finally done in by a convergence of harsh realities.
Innovation, in turn, depends on the creative individuals who dream up new ideas and turn them into reality.
When he awoke he rushed to write it all down, exactly as he remembered it from a dream.
Suburbia was a dream inspired by revulsion to city life.
Eating fatty foods, not exercising and somehow remaining lean and healthy--it's the couch potato's dream.
Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robot chauffeurs have been a cultural dream for decades.
It spoiled physicists' dream to explain the universe as the unique outcome of basic principles.
It was a dream come true, really, and it foretold that something big was right around the corner.
But some of the funds have been used to dream up and develop futuristic-sounding military devices such as exoskeletons.
Dream up a cross between cornpone and blini and you've got a close approximation.
But in idle moments it gets louder and more annoying, once even jarring me from a dream.
One morning, he let everyone know that he'd had a dream the night before about the color heather gray.
The half-century that is bracketed by the album and the film has witnessed both the expansion and the degradation of a dream.
On a related note, efficient cooling of residences has long been a dream in the overheated south.
It's the dream of spooks and teenagers alike: how to take photographs through opaque objects.
The economic collapse threatens the long-held dream of underwater mining.
We dream in order to prepare our mind for the next day.
In an instant she snapped out of her dissociative dream state and was sputtering back up to the air.
The first part of this eruption was a dream come true.
But the intellectual history of the past five centuries has spoken loud and clear: the dream of rationalism is a false one.
Everyone is encouraged to get involved and dream up creative ways to participate.
Despite decades of failure, a hardy band of engineers continues to dream.
But steam power stole everyone's attention, and the dream languished on drawing boards.
The dream seems to attempt to attenuate the impulses by finding one or another way of representing them as fulfilled.
Americans are slowly waking up out of a kind of dream of special exemption and special privilege in the world.
There was nothing to do except fish or swim or go shelling on beaches that are a conchologist's dream.
He also knew his dream of playing major-league baseball was over, the dream that had defined him as much as anything had.

Famous quotes containing the word dream

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My dream thou brok'st not, but continued'st it. Thou art so true that thoughts of thee suffice To make more
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