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Example sentences for dreadful

Alert readers may have noticed something about that chant: it's dreadful.
The post has appeared elsewhere online, so it's not some dreadful secret.
Since when people are threatened by so many dreadful viruses that cause fatal disease.
Dry coriander seed doesn't set me off but the fresh leaves are dreadful.
Dreadful names and ghoulish shapes turn dishes suited to all ages into party fare.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
Despite the dreadful economy, however, art fairs dedicated to contemporary art are not giving up.
For some there is no more dreadful an experience than a visit to the gym.
In a hot country with dreadful television this is curious.
They were thankfully removed before doing their dreadful damage.
Then and only then can a sensible debate take place on how to rid ourselves of these dreadful menaces.
The sector had delivered the dreadful combination of low returns and high volatility.
To be fair, this would be is a step up from the dreadful way they have been dealing with things up until now.
Though there is time for him to catch up, he has made a dreadful start.
And the public finances will be left in a dreadful state.
Some reports are full of rosy suggestions, and others suggest dreadful things about to be disclosed.
They run the entire gamut from fabulous to dreadful.
They, unlike the grad students, know how dreadful the market is and how many truly lousy jobs there are in this field.
The dreadful details of your burning days and nights bring poor comfort to us, who are also going through a heated term.
The consequences of their action are too dreadful to contemplate.
Most have dreadful governments or leaders who do virtually nothing to help their poor.
Not in doubt, however, is the dreadful quality of the loans in question.
In some ways, this is a dreadful time to hold an election.
She coached him with his dreadful writing and tried to soothe his irrational rage.
Some told me that a certain odor was absolutely beautiful or extremely dreadful.
But there's no reason to worship whatever-it-is, no reason for all this dreadful toadying and sucking-up.
What's worse is the fact that he has allowed fewer than three goals only twice during that dreadful span.
He was terribly inconsistent with great highs and dreadful lows.
Dreadful as it was, she was conscious of a shelter in the presence of these thousand witnesses.
Armed with it he might boldly confront the dreadful spectres that would cross his path on his adventurous journey.
Had you come a few months sooner perhaps you might have spared me that-that dreadful parting.
He still obtusely sees his past behavior and dreadful judgment as tactical errors.
Suicide gives everything it has not destroyed a dreadful, unfamiliar weight.
But nobody trusts the outlook for profits or dividends while the economic data continue to be fairly dreadful.
Often she witnessed dreadful conditions and poor management-and then talked honestly about these problems in public.
Dreadful dentistry has given way to shiny white teeth.
Unfortunately getting rid of these dreadful regimes is not the same as treading the path to full democracy.
Most of the stores around here can't compete on price and the service is dreadful.

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