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Additional teaching opportunities may include courses drawn from the applicant's field of expertise.
It does not matter too much where on the beach it is drawn.
Philosophers and biologists have asked the question for centuries, noting that humans are universally drawn to music.
There were many of the same pictures drawn in slightly different ways.
He shops at the market even on his days off, drawn by the consistent quality and the vendors' specialty knowledge.
They seem to be wide lines drawn with some white material.
Nature is all about color, whereas drawing is primarily about dark marks drawn on light grounds.
It also leads to electoral boundaries drawn purely to maximise political gain but making no geographical or administrative sense.
Try not to let yourself be drawn in with such tactics.
When the tulips are in flower, your eye is immediately drawn to them.
University trustees are generally drawn from a business background and are accustomed to corporate plans.
These are credited when employees work extra hours and can be drawn down when activity is slack.
But the brutal and commercial nature of the event has drawn criticism from some sides.
Boundaries once drawn by physical distance, language or expertise can now be bridged with a backlit screen and a few mouse clicks.
It's a perfect morning, the air and water so calm it's as if the day has not yet drawn a breath.
The gadget starts recording whenever the gun is drawn.
Tough admissions policies have drawn good students, but turned some immigrants away.
If his observations had been made four centuries later, he would have drawn a different conclusion.
Sketch the animal over the appropriate habitat picture they've already drawn.
The region has drawn many dreamers since, including prospectors.
But its renewed focus on science has drawn an enthusiastic response from students.
Ask students to contribute their ideas as to why these lines might have been drawn on the map.
Overlay back boards so they are flush and square with bottom of crosspiece and aligned on marks drawn on boards.
Foreign investment is up, drawn by an improved security situation, the lure of minerals and a bouncy regional market.
She's drawn to the moonlight reflecting off the ocean.
Maxwell said he has sold quite a few photographs as a result of the attention the hoax has drawn to his work.
The drawn pairs of eyes under each photo also don't line up with the eyes above them.
Show your poster to your family and friends and describe to them what you have drawn.
Firms in other technology markets, such as networking and telecoms, might yet be drawn in.
Some are drawn to yurts by their interest in environmentally sustainable building practices.
To critique how the dinosaurs and monsters were drawn would be a futile exercise.
The rule, which has drawn strong attacks from for-profit colleges, is expected out soon.
Once upon a time a business's annual budget was drawn up on the basis of the previous year's budget.
Moreover, the excess water in many so-called water-rich regions is drawn from non-renewable sources, such as deep aquifers.
His body arched, elbows drawn back, as heat penetrated his fire shirt and scorched his arms.
So far no athletes have drawn suspensions, and only a handful have been docked pizza money.
Sideway stands out from other jumping games with some clever play mechanics drawn from the graffiti art style.
Regulators will figure prominently, particularly those central bankers drawn into the fight to rescue the financial system.
One or two items in each column had a check mark penciled to the left of it, or a line drawn through the word entirely.
If it were, lessons could be drawn to guide policymaking in difficult times such as these.
Her sculptures have drawn crowds to gallery shows, and she is in demand as a lecturer.
And the requests contained oblique references to a mysterious form from which the questions were drawn.
Each component also has the electrical diagram symbol for that component drawn on it so it can help you read schematics.
The characters are richly drawn and ripe for further exploration.
The claim has drawn mostly baffled, and skeptical, responses from physicists and alien-life experts.
The first give away is that his face isn't drawn and gaunt.
Microeconomic insights can be drawn from the way that misaligned incentives in the financial industry contributed to the crunch.
Instead of being drawn into the new power set-up, many of them in the past few months have been hauled off to prison.
The article even says there are no concrete conclusions to be drawn.
It's always drawn more gamblers and golfers than hikers and mountain bikers.
Some of the samples were drawn from living people and others from ancient bones.
As this seaside drama rushed toward its denouement, a horse-drawn cab pulled up to the wharf.
The children had each been given a card that they would hand to a nurse when their blood was drawn so that the dates of all.
His eyes are empty of expression, his lips are drawn in a grimace and he walks as soundlessly as a shadow.
It is, in fact, normal human behavior to be drawn to help people who remind you of yourself.
One problem with such surveys, and the conclusions drawn from them, is that they often raise more questions than they answer.
Even people who should know better get drawn in to the same old rationalizations.
Another presidential memorial, another drawn-out approval process.
We ask that a set of instructions be drawn up for the citizens to direct their movements.
The story is dark enough, drawn from the plain public records, to send a chill to any heart.
There is, indeed, one distinction that may be drawn.
But extroverts are probably more drawn to other extroverts.
Turns out, across many domains, people are drawn to uncertainty.
Many studies have drawn the connection between excessive food intake and addiction in both animal models and humans.
We are drawn to tension, to controversy, to provocation.
If the conclusions drawn are frightening by nature, then so be it.
Galaxies grow as interstellar gases drawn in by gravity cool and condense to form new stars.
Ask students to look carefully at the maps they have drawn.
As result, the circulation stalls, with warmer water no longer being drawn north.
Three are filled with the terra-cotta soldiers, horse-drawn chariots, and weapons.
Their gardens should include the plants they have already drawn.
People have forever been drawn to the sea for reasons both mystical and workaday.
Her photographs have drawn acclaim at exhibitions around the world.
Explore biodiversity at work in the forest and through cleverly drawn parallels with everyday life.
From its life habits they have drawn phrases and metaphors to describe their own behavior.
People were drawn to the glow and began to set up camps there.
Although the lobby is empty, the meeting rooms are overflowing and the faces inside those rooms are drawn.
Give or take a dime or two, it matters little where a poverty line is drawn.
If there is a worm in the fluid it is drawn towards the hole and held in place by the suction.
Two lessons for emergency care of children in poor countries can be drawn.
As cocoa prices have risen, more countries have been drawn in.
Professors in particular are drawn from a rather narrow segment of the population.
By this time, the scene had drawn a crowd of onlookers.
They have pared the claws and drawn the teeth of these human tigers.
She kicked her foot over the furrow, and with mouth drawn down shook her head once or twice in a little strutting way.
And certainly none has drawn so much violently negative criticism from poets themselves.
One obvious conclusion to be drawn from these types of promotions is that price is a major factor in book sales.
Even in private, she almost never let herself be drawn into these discussions.
It's no wonder a game this bright and cheery has drawn in players from all walks of life.
Today, conflicts tend to be drawn-out, low-intensity affairs requiring fewer but longer sorties by sea-launched planes.
Maybe they are drawn to video games as an escape from their troubles.
The problem you have is that tables have been drawn up, but every few years they need to redraw them with technology changes.
Stem cells drawn from early-stage human embryos have the potential to develop into any type of cell in the body.
Watt's first steam locomotive could barely keep up with horse drawn rail carriages.
The metal is coated with a platinum catalyst and placed in a device that allows methanol to be drawn along the surface.
There is a single presiding judge, drawn from a pool of three on a rotating basis for a two-year term of unusual pressure.
Bags of gold, silver, and paper currency arrived here by horse-drawn vans and were carted upstairs to the vaults.
Two decades of economic hardship and war had recently drawn to a close.
There is that scene with the long, drawn out explosion where clothes are on fire.
If it turns out they can't deliver, new contracts will simply be drawn up.
The encounter was scheduled to last until blood was drawn.
Had he done so, one can only imagine the extent to which his extravagant reverence would have been drawn.
Her limp frame collapses to the ground as he stands over her with his gun drawn and pointed at her head.
Only the head would be drawn in the following steps.
They can suffer from simplistic premises and too many corny jokes, but his characters are always richly, sympathetically drawn.
Six highly focussed sections, drawn from the museum's collection, trace the career.
They were drawn by sinewy college boys from track teams all over the country.
Lines of communication could be much more easily traced between texts, and relationships drawn.
Something must have happened here long ago, and drawn him to this place.
To his surprise, he found that both poets had drawn inspiration from alchemy.
They have even drawn some bold, albeit preliminary, conclusions.
The resultant steam runs a turbine, and cold water drawn up from deep in the ocean condenses the steam to start the cycle again.
In healthy lungs good, oxygen-rich air is drawn down into tiny air sacs called alveoli.
But researchers have found that cells drawn from another part of the body can correct the problem.
Scientists have also drawn a similar curve for chimpanzees and other apes, but it's noticeably different.
No sooner are family trees drawn before they're rearranged.
It appears that his name actually was drawn this year.
The map to the left shows you the regions where the samples were drawn.
At the poles, a line drawn across the moon that connects the terminator ends runs perpendicular to the horizon.
Another has drawn a giant pair of scissors cutting a hole in the wall along a dotted line.
He could have opened his notebook at random and drawn three pages of sketches.
It is the performer, rather than the subject, to whom the audience's attention is drawn.
In other words, spheres of influence must be clearly drawn among the different civilizations and meticulously observed.
The story is more gripping and the characters more finely drawn.
Nonetheless many were drawn to the painter not so much because of his fame but because of his extraordinary vitality.
But perhaps to have raised these issues at all would have drawn attention to other and more troubling omissions.
They do take tests, but the tests are drawn up by their own teachers, not by a multinational testing corporation.
Janacek was drawn to operatic subjects fraught with elemental human drama.

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