drawing board in a sentence

Example sentences for drawing board

The golf clap wasn't on the drawing board for these shoots.
Many of engineering's grandest feats wouldn't have made it off the drawing board but for a crucial permit or decree.
All the projects now on the drawing board revolve around pilotless vehicles.
Which means it is wa-ay too late in the process to scrap it and go back to the drawing board now.
Most of these plans were on the drawing board before the global financial collapse made the situation more dire.
He no longer wanted to sit by himself for long stretches, staring at a drawing board, working in complete silence.
It's the kind of vision that looks better on a think-tank drawing board than on the ground.
His proposal, still on the drawing board, faces numerous technical and political obstacles.
As a result, vaccine researchers have mostly gone back to the drawing board of basic research.
Railways and roads will be built that might otherwise have stayed on the drawing board for years.
Often such projects are kept on the drawing board not by lack of money but by politics and planning.
Let's take their warning as a indication that it is time to return to the drawing board and get this right.
We help take ideas from the drawing board to implementation, as quickly and smoothly as possible.
You'll need to go back to the drawing board and either increase your savings or reduce your retirement income expectations.
Drawing board, with writing materials will also be required.
Some versions on the drawing board have the ship also being reusable.
Amorous designs may be on the drawing board, but it is best to focus on existing relationships.
It was a sham and they need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.
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