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Virtually every playwright has an unfinished or unresolved script tucked in a drawer somewhere.
Most writers don't have the luxury of putting their work in a drawer for a month.
His contribution was to ensure a wonderful idea did not die in a design drawer.
Tuck a pair of athletic shoes in a drawer in case you have to walk long distances.
She went down to the refrigerator, opened the crisper drawer and urinated in the drawer.
He had no trouble locating the two cuff links but the tie bar had been lost in his sock drawer.
He then walked home, holding his briefcase a little more tightly than usual, and put his money in a drawer.
He took me to his home, where he opened a drawer and pulled out a sheaf of rice paper that had been stapled together.
Drill pilot holes before screwing the drawer pulls into place from the inside.
Duct tape, the new tool of homeland defense, lurks in every toolbox and junk drawer.
They yanked out every drawer in every one of our chests and cupboards, and tossed each in the air.
And don't keep your reflections under lock and key in a dresser drawer.
It is really not easy to put his longing for music in a little drawer.
With a little creativity, turn an old artwork frame and drawer organizer into a family message center.
He opened a file cabinet and removed a thin folder from a half-empty drawer.
Recessed storage tray doubles as a junk drawer for charging peripherals.
Being the sharpest knife in the drawer is not required.
Think of these as a speed dial, with your entire collection of app icons in a sliding drawer.
Keep one in your desk drawer and those hooligans from accounting will never even look at your parking space again.
Then put the letter in a drawer and let it get cold, and read it again a few days, weeks or months later.
She said she had put the customer's money in the drawer.
My father had a loaded pistol in the drawer of his bedside table.
Using a red-tinted flashlight, he opens one up, and pulls out a plastic drawer.
Saves wear and tear on the drawer pulls and all that.
The little carrying drawer popped out and headed, along with the battery, under the sofa.
She pushed the coupons back in among the candles and shut the drawer.
She managed to find them using a department key to the drawer where they were hidden.
The hardest part was rummaging through the junk drawer.
Most dinner candles are purchased without much thought and live in a drawer until they're ready to be used.
But our lantern-jaw crime-fighter would have tossed today's cellular phones into a desk drawer and stuck with his wrist gizmo.
Keep a picture from your vacation in your wallet or taped to the inside of a desk drawer.
Authorities found it in the drawer of a worker at the organization.
If you want to see if someone's been in your room, you can leave a voice-activated tape recorder in a drawer slightly cracked.
There's even a virtual drawer that users can pull up to store images and notes.
Levin whips out a set of keys, unlocks his desk, and rummages through a drawer.
The photos of the control group were kept in a locked drawer.
The broadcast companies naturally want to keep it in their top drawer.
We put the watch in a coma by leaving it in a drawer for six days.
The shocks aren't hanging from anywhere, they're laying in a drawer and they don't have any influence on it.
But it's so different from seeing in a stack in a flat drawer.
He zipped through them so quickly, she learned to hide a few in a drawer so he'd have something to work on the following day.
He opens a drawer full of collars, ranging from agouti- to jaguar-size.
Burnt and behind and lifting a temporary stone and lifting more than a drawer.
By installing a range and a warming drawer, the couple gained extra counter space and another cabinet.
It is not only that bills pending are put into the drawer.
Police arrived to find a strong marijuana odor and two blunts placed in the drawer of a table in the hallway.
Your checkbook is so unbalanced you're afraid to let it near the knife drawer.
The health complex is the best in the city, with top-drawer equipment.
Sheets is sitting at his desk, a gray metal relic with conspicuously fewer drawer handles than drawers.
It was later learned he conveniently circular filed a lot of data, the file drawer effect, to make his case.
So it came as no surprise that he had a samizdat typescript in a drawer.
Bill's smirk widened to a grin as he reached into a drawer of his desk.
To my immense surprise and relief-and clearly, also to hers-the cash drawer eventually opened.
While searching for ice skates, she ransacks a drawer of fishing tackle.
Swiping through home screens and flicking through your app drawer is fast and silky smooth.
Our creative outlets turn to photos and word processors, leaving the pencils and crayons in some forgotten drawer.
Anyway, the picture on the whole is close to being a top-drawer mystery.
Even if someone does use cash and hands the clerk a twenty dollar bill, the clerk has to put it in the drawer.
Now go back to the gift shop and get a knife from the drawer next to the sink.
Remove five hundred thousand in euros from the bottom drawer and put it in a shopping bag.
He picked her up and carefully set her on the desk, then fumbled in the drawer for an inkpot.
Until then, he had never owned anything more than some books and the clothes in his drawer.
She kept her poems in a bureau drawer, sewn into bundles.
He leaves the room, whereupon the boss pulls open a desk drawer and lifts a bottle to his lips.
In my drawer sit three full-length plays that have never been produced.
Writing for the desk drawer becomes a sign of inner liberty.
What is in them is still lost, as rambling and fortuitous as the contents of a long-unconsulted desk drawer or pocket.
After a time, she had chucked all her photos of him into a drawer, and it had been many years since she'd actually longed for him.
One had a built-in safe hidden behind a faux drawer.
She reached into a drawer, extracted her father's gun, and shot him dead.
Eric polished the screenplay he had been working on and put it in a drawer.
It would have been better if the picture had stopped right there, put away in a scrapbook or a top desk drawer.
Wall space for mounting kitchen tools can be as limited as drawer space.
She left the ring in the box and put the box in a drawer.
These quit achievers are health-protective foods lurking in the bottom of your refrigerator drawer or in the back of your pantry.
And even if it doesn't, it's worth tracking down, keeping in a locked drawer.

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