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It has two significant drawbacks, however: it is fragile and overheats.
But according to some, there are still a few drawbacks.
The only drawbacks seem to be rainy weather and environmental degradation from mining.
There is always drawbacks ie cutting down of trees, and forest for redevelopment and what not.
Naturally there are some drawbacks to the new system compared to the original plan.
But the college did not always take full advantage of its location, which also has its drawbacks.
The drawbacks of asynchronous tools are that they are by nature less timely and efficient-they are asynchronous, after all.
One of the drawbacks is road grit and car exhaust blowing into your windows.
It has its drawbacks, mostly that housing prices are through the roof.
Still, a close relationship with one's audience has its drawbacks.
Two new studies, looking at cinnamon and fish oil, point out both the drawbacks and benefits of dietary supplements.
There are other biofuels, but they have drawbacks too.
Although implants can be placed right next to the relevant neurons in the brain, they have drawbacks.
And windmills have a host of drawbacks, ecologically.
In time perhaps those drawbacks will not be a problem.
Any power generating source has it's drawbacks anyway.
However, there are no drawbacks to go without them once you've started taking them.
Still there may be some drawbacks to trying to boost your self-confidence by opening up your wallet.
But all of them have drawbacks and side effects that probably cannot be anticipated.
Despite these drawbacks, increased solar storms mean more pretty auroras.
While it had its drawbacks, it also had the advantage of being durable, easy to customize and a cinch to repair.
The drawbacks here for actual military use are obvious.
The one proven technology, an intravenous saline drip, has a few drawbacks.
Television at the time presented its own advantages and drawbacks.
All of the all-star games in pro sports have their drawbacks.
Of course, there are some drawbacks to being downtown.
We should embrace globalisation, not because it has no drawbacks, but rather because the benefits of trade overwhelm the costs.
E-books currently have high profit margins, and are free from many of the drawbacks of print.
The devices and their proliferating cheaper imitations have drawbacks.
The firm funded a number of successful start-ups, but working in a small, isolated market had obvious drawbacks.
They are not without drawbacks for investors, however.
The sudden globalisation of business education has drawbacks.
But it is also important to be aware of the drawbacks.
All policies have drawbacks, and those that help economies to absorb a shock will also tend to make the damaging effects linger.
But cloud computing's advantages already outweigh its drawbacks for many consumers and business users.
Although elegant in theory, a price-level target has some serious practical drawbacks.
But doing business in such places has its drawbacks.
But a financial system based on stable relationships has its own drawbacks.
Such advantages, they say, outweigh the drawbacks of exposing what are usually seen as corporate secrets.
But national accounts have drawbacks as well, especially in poor countries.
There are many ways to do this but each has its drawbacks.
Next comes depression, as consumers everywhere come to terms with the drawbacks of life without the incandescent.
Government involvement has its own drawbacks, however.
Any given solar-cell technology has drawbacks and advantages.
However, the technology has several drawbacks that will initially limit its applications.
Digital zoom although a cheaper option has some serious drawbacks.
As a lot of people are becoming aware, it's good, but it has some drawbacks.
As a solar concentrating system, this design has a few drawbacks.
He does not realize that being well educated has certain economic drawbacks.
Too much of anything has its drawbacks, whether it is calories, or a particular type of food.
But brutality has its own drawbacks as a business model, particularly during a crackdown, pimps say.
Each kind of intelligence has benefits and drawbacks.
But as it turns out, all of these dreams have drawbacks-and none of them escapes the tyranny of the equity market.
Lactate has its benefits and drawbacks, as discussed, as do inflammatory biomarkers in the blood.
But when you are already fighting one, it has drawbacks.
While reverse mortgages can be a valuable source of funds, they also have serious potential drawbacks.

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