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The drawback of lasers is their tendency to heat surfaces, which would harm the gilding.
The extreme inequality in the distribution of income remains a major drawback.
These costs are now dropping, he added, but sticker shock remains a drawback.
Though they use less electricity than conventional lights, one drawback is their sensitivity to temperature.
The drawback to a meritocracy and expanding choices is that it tends to concentrate good and bad.
One drawback to this kind of schedule is that not everyone would come to the first day of the meeting.
Strong and lightweight, the metal also had one crucial drawback: it could not be worked by hammering, the way iron could.
Another drawback of allergy tests is that they can give false negatives as well as false positives.
But artificial life's great advantage is also its biggest drawback: it all happens inside a computer.
The drawback is that they store much less energy than batteries--typically, an order of magnitude less.
Another drawback of using lithium-ion batteries is that they quickly lose their ability to hold charge.
The main drawback of the technology, preventing wider adoption, is that solar systems only make power while the sun is shining.
In fact, instead of being a drawback, the scope of the project was a selling point.
The only other major drawback affects the hardcore tinkering crowd.
The other drawback is that they expire, so you have to keep buying new put options to replace the ones that expire.
But no such drawback was apparent during the limited kind of vigorous driving you can get away with on public roads.
Battery life is a potential drawback for some customers.
The only drawback the couple can think of is that they don't have room for overnight guests.
The biggest drawback to using outside contractors is the additional work you need to do to make various arrangements.
Her closeness to the paper, and the story, is both a great advantage and a serious drawback.
One drawback to doing so would be the negative impact on already weak growth.
Another drawback is that organic materials such as plastic absorb less light from the solar spectrum.
The method's other drawback is its sheer clumsiness.
One obvious drawback is that connecting deep-water turbines to the electrical grid will be expensive.
The only drawback was that the countries stayed poor.
The countervailing drawback has often been disunity.
The big drawback is that this would damage creditors' rights.
The drawback of the short-time working scheme is that it prevents a broader economic restructuring.
Language aside, the real drawback is that salaries are lower.
However this consumption model has a great drawback as it creates debt crises and huge deficits.
The political drawback of such levies is that they fall more heavily on the poor than the rich.
The major drawback of kindle is that it has no color, and many books are not yet available.
The only drawback to this method is that it would require the constant raising and releasing of more sterile males into the wild.
Its drawback is that two hands are needed to operate it.
The huge drawback is that you can't scan books, magazines or anything else that won't slide through that slot.
All of these games share the drawback of rather slow operation.
The only drawback, for me, was that the cable extended from the left headphone.
But the drawback is that such apps lack the friendly feel of the ones in the children's category.
The only drawback might be that the sidewalks would be so clean, people would be frustrated at not finding any litter to pick up.
There is no drawback on the taxes paid on wine or beer.
Companies will receive a partial refund of the duties and taxes posted under the duty drawback in the future.
Another important drawback of aerobic treatment is the need for aeration, a process which requires significant energy consumption.

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