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The large concrete-shell cooling towers used on power stations are a special variety of the chimney-type natural-draught tower.
This large, icy house is full of draughts.
This is one of the problems with subsidies - they're basically ensuring the job draught will continue.
Its new bottled "draught" beer claims to have the "authentic" Guinness .
The draught animal has it easy; it needs merely to pull.
Using tree rings there is no way to tell the difference between a draught accompanied by severe heat and a severe cold snap.
Bacon came thither by chance in the afternoon, and offered to buy their draught: they were willing.
The robust flavor of this ruby draught will never replace the soft drink.
This sad truth is even deeper in case of future, generalised draught.
What a small wagon train was doing with several hundred draught animals was not explained.
And with all this bitter draught they appear to have few of those sweetenings which might render it more palatable.
Take a cool draught of ale in the morning, after a night's excess.
And somewhen vaguely about that time they also got the horse-which to begin with they used only for draught purposes.
He was naturally a thirsty soul, and was soon tempted to repeat the draught.

Famous quotes containing the word draught

Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed; but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and ... more
If Heaven a draught of heavenly pleasure spare, One cordial in this melancholy vale, 'T is when a youthful,... more
O thou undaunted daughter of desires! By all thy dower of lights and fires; By all the eagle in thee, all the dove; By a... more
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