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But, seriously, many of the colleges represented here are facing challenges that may require some major and even drastic changes.
If it is not, more drastic action will be required, which might make a big dent in economic growth.
But scientists agree that drastic measures will be needed to avert the ocean crises being created by climate change.
We are rapidly running out of time to control and avoid drastic climate change.
In the less drastic scenario, lawn watering would be restricted to two days a week, if water supplies allow.
At any rate, it seemed possible for me to write full-time without a drastic a change in our lifestyle.
The report urges drastic policy changes to the ways in which natural resources are used.
Collapse of their populations could have drastic effects on all oxygen-breathing life on the planet.
City officials continue to oversee a drastic change in the town's economy: from coal mining to data mining.
The government points out that it has tried less drastic ways of reducing the tempo menace.
The study suggests that deforestation is not as drastic as it once was and that forests are recovering in many countries.
Drastic changes in world policies for a better world are in sight.
Fear of these people made the government shy of drastic change.
Any wildlife attacks would be more bad news for species that have already seen drastic declines.
Car industry experts, however, favor less drastic changes.
As a result of these drastic climate differences, plants and animals have adapted in unusual ways.
They will die because they cannot adapt to drastic change.
The drastic move comes after significant industrywide declines in the music game business.
Drastic new penalties have been imposed for violating broadcasting laws.
Experts say the drastic reduction in the wild horse population could jeopardize their future survival.
Financial markets are already forcing some into drastic action.
The eagles' arrival precipitated a drastic decline in fox populations.
We should not be pressed into drastic action on the basis of climate modeling results, certainly not as it stands at this time.
Tap the home bar and you end up in a home page that benefits from a drastic redesign.
Over a time-span that long, cultural standards of living change in drastic ways.
Widespread clear-cutting of this ancient habitat has subsequently seen drastic declines in marbled murrelet populations.
Of course selling hair is less drastic than an organ.
As the second day of the rescue operation begins, rescuers resort to drastic measures.
How growth and development have created drastic problems for the bay and its watershed.
Many experts now predict the extinction of the orangutan in the wild in our lifetimes if drastic changes are not immediately made.
Seen in perspective, though, the situation is less drastic than it might appear at first blush.
If such remedies were prescribed in drastic form, they might well rule out both mergers.
Before the prospect of a drastic reduction in consumption which this would entail, prices tumbled all.
Elsewhere, more drastic action is being taken against the swans.
But there are less drastic remedies than repealing the sanctions.
There's not much for those who dreamed of a drastic call for an all-fiber network to be built and subsidized by the government.
Either one of those options might make the process of growing out the gray underneath a bit less drastic looking.
Drastic changes take place in the length of the growing stage when follicles are under the influence of testosterone.
Then a potentially immediate and drastic consequence caused him to reconsider his choices.
Put out a bounty on these people and you will soon see a drastic reduction in killings.
But after spending five days trapped in its depths, he knew getting out alive would require drastic action.
People are irrational and foolish, public opinion is skewed and the results can have drastic effects.
The country would meanwhile take drastic steps to reduce its deficit.
The real question is not whether the dollar needs to fall, but how drastic the economic effects of its fall will be.
Because of this, there are also drastic changes taking place in the context of urbanization.
No matter what others may want, these people want a drastic economy.
To test his theory, he decided to do something drastic: he shaved off the left side of his mustache.
It's worth noting that the movie came about after drastic shifts in its production.
The intellectual break with the past was drastic and seemingly irreversible.
The only help worth giving them has to be based on local knowledge, steady patience, and a sense of our own drastic limits.
Because of its residual nature, even relatively small movements in spending or receipts can have a drastic impact on the deficit.
Yet there was also a practical need for a drastic enlargement of scale.
So far, the only people prepared to take drastic action are job seekers themselves.
One drastic measure would be to make primary and secondary teaching an income-tax-free profession.
Since it uses the image interpolation technology, there is a drastic reduction in image quality.
Due to these drastic declines, captive propagation became a priority in the long-term recovery of the species.
And it would seem that no drastic changes are necessary.
But for borrowers, the change will be much less drastic.
From fall through spring, the canyon is known for drastic fluctuations in weather conditions.
Debt problems loom, but there is no immediate fiscal crisis and no need for drastic short-term cuts.
Banning booze on the roads altogether is plainly far more drastic.
But they rule in coalition, have done nothing drastic and seem settled in mainstream politics.
At this rate he/she will never be able to pay their debt unless they make a drastic change to their earnings and expenses.
Car restrictions, though not as drastic as last year's, remain in place.
It may sound somewhat drastic, but the rationale for doing this goes well beyond the desire to avoid leaving a scar.
Something drastic needs to be done and excuses ignored.
Now, there are times when muddling through is not an option and drastic action is necessary.
The results have been drastic changes in the industry.
It is likely to cause drastic changes in behavior, difficulty concentrating and rapid mood swings.
For example, the device occasionally has trouble adapting to drastic changes in glucose, such as those that occur after exercise.
On the other hand any drastic reduction in energy will result in less goods for domestic use and for export.
Could the outcome be reversed, or is the drastic change too much for the brain, could it help or disrupt the neurotransmitters.
During that period, almost all countries around the world made drastic organizational change and infrastructure.
We as humans evolved within these ecosystems, and presumably any drastic changes to them will likely harm us in the long run.
Or even killing for, should a drastic casting change be required.
It is only if the punk later persists, or challenges you directly, that you have to resort to more drastic measures.
W e are, as you are no doubt aware, in the advanced stages of a drastic celebrity de-evolution.
Politically, both made drastic adjustments to their youthful ideals.
That's the sort of drastic turn that would excite everybody, and it may happen in the near future.
Since then, the lungfish lineage has gone through drastic changes.
Maybe if you explain this to them you won't have to use more drastic means.
Not everyone is calling for the drastic measure of eliminating meat entirely from our diets.
Others say that more drastic measures would be necessary.
And removing sharks can have drastic consequences for other species in the sea.
It's one thing to take action on an imminent danger but it's quite another to take drastic action in the face of an imaginary one.
Using drastic surgery and killing the patient to cure the disease is not the solution.
People called it a hoax, people claimed the science wasn't in, that it wasn't conclusive enough to take such drastic action.
However, it hurts when you hear such a drastic pronouncement about your country.
That's probably a more drastic step than you wanted to take.
The consequent change of government and drastic budgetary measures have been described well enough in any number of newspapers.
In itself, this would have necessitated a drastic rewrite of accepted history.
To go beyond that trick would call for something drastic, for starting all over again-he had exhausted the forms he started with.
The overall economy is crashing, with drastic power cuts across the country as industry shuts down.
Obviously, there was a drastic failure of leadership.
Both in human societies and in climates, periods of stagnation have always alternated with periods of drastic change.
Nearly every region of the world has experienced drastic food price inflation this year.
But it soon leveled off, prompting officials to seek more drastic measures.
But he chose a drastic method of staving off wrinkles, a potbelly, the whims of a fickle public.
No, the definition of a buffer is a substance that prevents a drastic change in the pH of a system.
These drastic changes typically occur along fault lines during earthquakes.

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