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Example sentences for dramatize

The point is to dramatize the struggle of weak against strong, which is also the struggle of poor against rich.
In other words, don't embellish or dramatize your story to make it more interesting.
But his books also dramatize the perception that resistance to domination can develop into its own regime of domination.
As if to dramatize their point, police detained a group of foreign reporters covering the event.
It has become more difficult to concentrate on a fundamental problem or to dramatize it.
Use gestures to support, accentuate, and dramatize verbal message.
Use facial expressions to support and dramatize verbal message.
Explains that use of films helps to dramatize and frame issues, generate discussion, and provide links with personal experience.
Some consumers complain that the news has been staged or that news reports overemphasize or dramatize certain aspects of events.
Presents a curriculum program designed to dramatize the trial experience.
In the theatrical component, five actors give testimonials that dramatize the top five causes of fires.
The museum's goal was to dramatize contemporary science for people of all ages and to encourage human capabilities.
Role playing is also used to dramatize proposed changes.
Available for public events to dramatize need for safety belt use.

Famous quotes containing the word dramatize

TV's exploration of the game of consumption and sociability is, by the nature of the medium, on a far more subtle level ... more
If you want to dramatize the evils of prostitution, corrupt a virgin, not a whore.... more
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