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Example sentences for dramatization

Museums and dramatization by humans depict dinosaurs as always being ferocious.
On its way to regression the dream takes on the form of dramatization.
It is even more important for students be able to differentiate between dramatization and historical accuracies.
The story subjects seem to be those which can only be worked out in a dramatization.
Rather, it was in many ways the dramatization of a continuing struggle.
Prone to self-dramatization, she prepared her daughters for their own star turns.
What ensues is a prolonged dramatization of courage, interrupted by lyrical digression.
It's a charmingly light dramatization of frustration and penance.
Noisy stories help children to learn and make sounds and later can be used for dramatization purposes.
Block construction activities and dramatization activities are included and films are listed.
Considers issues in the process of dictation and dramatization.
Through the course of this entertaining dramatization of a real meeting, your employees will learn h.
The third chapter deals with beginning activities: movement and rhythm, dramatic play, and story dramatization.
Dramatization will bring out questions and various views regarding the play.
Dramatization is another way to expand children's use of language.

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Some years ago, writing about stage adaptations of fiction, I noted: "There is a simple law governing the dramatiz... more
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