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Indeed, the drama of her life has sometimes threatened to eclipse the reputation of her work.
Whether it is worth making a dissertation the central drama, or trauma of one's life, is a matter each candidate must evaluate.
Including going into drama club and acting in school plays.
He creates tension with the frame, knowing that the same crackle that fuels drama can also energize comedy.
He's the only actor nominated in both the comedy and drama categories, so his odds are better.
There is a familiar quality to the multi-generational family holiday homecoming that nicely blends drama and comedy.
The film can't decide if it's action or comedy, pulp drama or bromance.
It should raise questions when an enormous, complicated realm of life takes on the characteristics of a stock drama.
The real drama is in the mind that casts the spells.
But that's not to say her life hasn't had its share of chaos and drama.
As the first indigo shadows of dusk settle on the trees, the night drama of the forest begins.
For drama, play up contrasting hues where possible.
The real drama here is the fight for supremacy of corporate rights over individual rights.
Ernst, a seasoned backpacker and paddler, intentionally seeks bad weather to add drama to his photographs.
Her voice is monotone and scarcely strains to communicate drama.
Her first play, in fourth grade, was a court drama about landmasses.
For even more drama, arrange a cluster of the leaves over a satin-smooth chocolate-frosted cake.
It's a media creation for drama, for some kind of narrative, something to endlessly discuss and speculate about.
They emerged with an unprecedented record of the great drama of life in this isolated string of islands off the coast of Ecuador.
The fascination for me wasn't the size of the rattlesnake; it was the life-and-death drama unveiled at every location.
As this seaside drama rushed toward its denouement, a horse-drawn cab pulled up to the wharf.
Bibliotherapy usually works for me: reading or viewing depression-related essays and drama.
It is equally not a merger negotiation or courtroom drama.
But that drama element makes it more compelling to watch and play.
The last scene in the drama, unfortunately, still has not been written.
Contrary to popular myth, drama critics don't salivate at the chance to savage a playwright's work.
Drama read to oneself is never drama at its best, and is not even drama as it should be.
Some see leadership as high drama, and the sound of trumpets calling, and sometimes it is that.
Round this central strife the story grew from a tale to a novel, from a vivid episode to a drama richly conceived and decorated.
In summarizing the action of a drama, the writer should always use the present tense.
For him the drama is in contrasts, the meaning in ambiguity.
He has boasted that it is possible to make five episodes of his show for the price of one episode of a police drama.
But this was mere background to the drama over the state budget.
Such social invisibility lets the boys observe any drama unseen.
It's a complex drama of power and violence salted with a little magic and pageantry.
Action with explosive sound effects, as well as drama with quiet orchestration.
Gives feeling and drama to blown-out scenes with fluid motion of long exposures.
The promised report reveals little new information about the program and the drama surrounding it.
There is a balance between the human drama and the world around it, and that interchange is so beautifully done.
They've told me of the tremendous drama of that day.
The whole of history could, indeed, be written as a drama of human nature reacting to invention.
Only later, when the scuba divers return to the surface, will they learn the full extent of the drama.
Fiction always moves toward one or another of its poles, toward drama at one end or philosophy at the other.
Though the history is long, it contains little drama: major shifts in capitalist power centers occur at an almost geological pace.
The outcome of this unfolding drama may again prove the pessimists' case and up the dose of cynicism.
Standing out means showing drama, suffering for a good cause, and always ending with a noble purpose.
Each of the next few seconds contained its own complete drama.
The closeness of one of the sharks, and its size, adds to the drama.
The tug-of-war drama between bird and worm is a sight often seen in various places and times.
For after-dark drama, sashay your way to a tango club.
Their size and shape give a sense of drama to the salad's presentation.
All are latecomers to a geologic drama that has played out over millions of years.
While top talent events are ticketed, each of the sessions offers many free events, from music and drama to visual arts showings.
It is no longer at the center of a roiling drama of power and striving.
The reporting under his influence was imbued with the narrative drive, the drama, and the character portraiture of good fiction.
Vanda has become one of the area's many drug addicts whose addiction lends drama to their static lives.
How this buried region seeps into the upstairs world is part of the drama of the novel.
As for the drama of ill-health, it never left him after he reached his mid-twenties.
In fascist and communist politics, the will is staged publicly, in the drama of the leader and the chorus.
The master of the house thought it conferred drama on the occasion.
Janacek was drawn to operatic subjects fraught with elemental human drama.

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