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Example sentences for drainage

Make sure the location has good drainage, since you don't want water to collect around the frame after every rain.
It has a primary school, running water and some drainage.
For example they over filled one tank and gasoline was running down the street and into the water drainage system.
Decades of drainage projects has vastly decreased the recharge rate of the aquifer.
We're not exactly talking swimming in an infinity pool as opposed to a drainage ditch here, people.
Drainage in the marketplace was plugged by uncollected garbage and customers stopped coming.
Drainage gratings and manhole covers are upended, posing hazards to drivers.
The bag features a slot in the bottom for drainage and ventilation slats.
Streets flood almost immediately because drainage is almost non-existent.
Storm drainage is designed based on the water level at the downstream end.
Lack of planning meant that soils were often of poor quality or did not have adequate drainage.
The process of urbanization affects wildlife habitats, natural vegetation, and drainage patterns.
Waterfalls often cascade from the outlet of the upper valley into the drainage below.
It contains seven drainage ditches and stone reinforcements along some stretches.
The lake is landlocked, with no drainage to the ocean.
Any washing away of dirt and degree can clog drainage spouts.
Stacks of concrete drainage pipes fill parking lots.
Solar panels help keep the houses warm, shared backyards bring neighbors together, and natural drainage irrigates fruit trees.
There was all of this fluid, and the drainage system was blocked.
Drainage from swollen or infected sinuses may be thick or discolored.
Drainage involves placing a needle through the skin in the abscess, usually under x-ray guidance.
Wash your hands before and after handling the drainage device.
When the nose or sinuses become infected, drainage can run down the back of the throat and irritate it, especially at night.
Hot, moist compresses may promote drainage of the affected follicles.
Patients will need long-term treatment with antibiotics and drainage.
Regular, daily drainage to remove bronchial secretions is a routine part of treatment.
Surgical drainage or removal of the lesion may be needed.
The gums around the area may show signs of infection such as redness, drainage, and tenderness.
Tiny plugs can be placed in the tear drainage ducts to help the tears stay on the surface of the eye.
Collect drainage from downspouts and pipe it directly to the base of the bank.
Inspect and maintain your drainage systems annually.

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