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Example sentences for drain

Remove from the oil and drain on absorbent paper towels.
Pour milk and butter into strainer and let drain briefly.
Then, remove the hose and let the excess fluid in the hose drain back into the source.
Drain through a strainer, and rinse until the water runs clear.
When the current applied by the gate is high enough, electrons flow through the channel between the source and drain electrodes.
The gate controls the flow of current through the channel from a source electrode to a drain electrode.
Remove them from the oil and drain them on a paper towel-lined sheet tray.
Drain opening agents are chemicals used to open clogged drains, often in homes.
They immediately halted the discharges and began installing piping to drain the water into the sanitary sewer.
Overall, the brain drain actually helps poor countries.
Have students conduct research to find out whether their town has a storm drain system.
If you put something down a drain you shouldn't have and the drain gets blocked, it's usually not much more than annoying.
Clay soils absorb water slowly and drain slowly as well, retaining water longer than other soils.
Position a catch tub under the oil pan and unscrew the drain plug.
The warm water of a storm drain at the beach is sometimes more inviting than the chilly surf offshore.
However, remedies for drain woes are usually simple.
Some fear that emigration is turning from a safety valve to a brain drain.
Add shrimp and chives, and cook for another minute, and drain.
It would be one drain connecting with another winding past each other in the exchange.
Salamanders cling to the sides, bottom and drain gate of the reservoir and swim through the water.
On top, place a container without a drain hole, and conceal it with more pebbles.
As an everyday light replacement the battery drain might put you off.
The team had rented an industrial pump to drain the field.
When they are on but not in use, they drain the battery.
The biggest source of resentment here is the failure to drain the lake.
Your moral consideration for other human life goes down the drain as soon as someone expresses a different opinion.
When the post-hurricane floods drain away, there will be tons of debris left behind.
Rinse well under cold running water until cool, then drain again.
Boils usually must open and drain before they will heal.
Then of course there's all the underemployed circling the drain.
Politicians in wealthy countries are worried that immigration is a drain on the public purse.
Balance the garbage can between three or four cinder blocks so the holes on the bottom can drain without obstruction.
Don't create a water flow that erodes the land and creates deep chasms that drain the water table.
The creamy filling can be reasonably lean if you drain nonfat yogurt for the cheese.
Raising jellyfish takes patience, biological savvy and special attention to make sure they don't get flushed down the drain.
Rather than being a drain on society they can contribute both with their skills and financially.
As the waters began to drain away and the displaced to trickle home, politicians promised action.
Please revise your history and drain your racism down the drain.
After you drain the water, put half a teaspoon of salt in each and mix.
These tiny granules absorb water that would otherwise drain away.
The government's latest emigration figures show the brain drain to be as pervasive as ever.
There are always people who drain us and people who nourish us.
To do this, they need to reverse the brain drain into foreign outfits or offshore-services firms.
Once their prey is caught, they drain out the water.
Position the roof so the drain slot clears the base.
First, you will get a build-up of goop and foreign objects in your sink drain.
Opponents say proposed federal facility to study dangerous pathogens is a health risk and will drain public-health resources.
They had bribed a guard to gain access to the tank, and little by little had managed to drain off two tonnes of the stuff.
Drain the pasta and transfer it to the olive oil-coated sauté pan.
To me, it's an immensely sad thing to see the awesome discussion culture of v2 go down the drain.
If something happens to your e-reader, that's a huge chunk of change gone down the drain.
The packed gravel is a permeable surface that lets rainwater drain so feet stay dry during wet winters.
Choose to spend time with people who enrich you, instead of drain you.
These figures do not necessarily indicate a brain drain.
Home users aren't a big power drain it's the transportation and businesses that are.
Slide the plastic tubing's free end through the drain hole of the large pot.
Basically, they work by pouring warm saline up one nostril and having to drain out the other.
Otherwise, all its good initiatives will go down the drain.
Drain and dry them before dipping them first in the batter and then in the coconut mixed with the cornflakes.
Teak boards mask plumbing, and slotted boards on the floor drain into a hidden shower pan.
Drowning government in a bathtub risks taking all of us down the drain along with it.
Drain the water completely then mix salt and flour into it.
Drain the potatoes and pour them, piping hot, into a bowl.
Also flood large areas and retain the water, not let it drain back into the river after flood stage.
Drain and serve immediately with chicken soup of your choice.
Crushed drain rock adds a contemporary edge to bluestone pavers.
With a fork, dip each piece of fish into beer batter, then lift out and let drain briefly.
Position the roof so the drain slots clear the base.
Protect them with a coat of white latex paint or a length of corrugated drain pipe split lengthwise.
Potting mix for cymbidiums should drain fast yet retain moisture.
Let them drain on paper towels for a few days until they're completely dry.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain.
For decades the prevailing philosophy about rainwater was to catch it and route it into a storm drain.
Let's say that your car has a typical automatic transmission, and the pan on the bottom of the case does not have a drain plug.
Without it, money spent on aid and development is money down the drain.
Don't let the cold water run down the drain as you wait for it to get hot.
Pumps were used yesterday to drain the overflow in the flooded area.
They drain public coffers and encourage wasteful domestic consumption, using petrol that could be better sold for export.
If you live near an ocean, you might want to stencil a storm drain.
Irrigating qat is also a drain on water reserves that are anyway drying up fast.
It used to be standard procedure for customs officials to pour the stuff down the drain.
And if you drain them properly, then not much of that sticks around.
Be sure that the sink is secure on the hanger bracket, then hook up the drain pipes.
First, no more wasting water down the drain because you forgot to shut off the tap.
The goal is to avoid a technological arms race that can drain college coffers to minimal effect.
Gargoyles drain water away from the cathedral's facade, and chimeras are simple-though fantastic-decorations.
Even so, she says, everyone recognized that lawsuits would quickly drain the society's limited resources.
Imagine dropping your entire photo collection down the drain when swapping out cards from the camera.
It's an economic drain on governments with already badly depleted budgets.
And bear in mind the tremendous drain on time that moving takes.
Then compare this measurement with the drain requirement on the new pedestal sink.
To its minister, the structure was a draughty drain on precious resources.
Simmer two minutes, drain and add fresh water to cover.
Plainly, vast dollops of aid have gone down the drain.
Drill or poke holes in wood, metal or plastic containers to allow water to drain from the bottom of the planters.
By the company's own admissions, that money has largely gone down the drain.
There is talk of reforming nursing-care insurance, which threatens to drain public finances as the population ages.
Drain and place one-third of that oil in a heavy-based frying pan, and sauté the slices of fennel over medium heat.
It does drain the battery slower than the transmissive mode, though.
Such conversations can drain your energy and contribute to feelings of resentment and lethargy as the new term begins.
If any is left over, drain from grounds, and reserve for making of jelly or other dessert.
Drain, and again cover, using equal parts cold water and milk.
The vitelline veins ultimately drain the blood from the digestive tube, and are modified to form the portal vein.
The total state wants to drain all conviction from the writer.
Once the twist occurs, blood cannot drain out of the ovary through its veins.
If you have the facts on your side, this will drain the punch bowl, and end the party.
Space toilets use fans to create airflow that pulls urine down the drain, to be either recycled or ejected from the vehicle.
Actually close to a billion in not so renewable subsidies already down the drain.
Another spinning double-spiral was found to be formed below the funnel bottom propagating down into the drain hole.
We're talking about those parts of empire that only drain.
If the space program has substantial value, this is not an overwhelming drain.
It's a crappy thing to live with, and a huge drain on health care dollars.
Cook a pot of linguine, drain it, and turn it out onto a plate.
When antidepressant pills get flushed down the drain, they do more than create happier sewers.
Stay down long enough and even tropical seas drain your body heat.
Cannibals that drain life from other stars have been discovered for the first time in the heart of our galaxy, new research shows.
Drain and transfer to a bowl of cold water to stop cooking.
Drain spaghetti in a colander and add to onion mixture, then toss with tongs over moderate heat until coated.
Wash chopped leeks in a large bowl of water, agitating them, then lift out and drain.
It's great to be able to view your photos on a map, but its also a drain on battery life.
In other words, give the people what they want, then drain them dry.
He designed courtyards and lawns to drain away from buildings.
Then the researchers can make transistors by depositing source, drain, and gate electrodes using conventional photolithography.
If you drain the battery completely, many forms of batteries are irreversibly destroyed.
It would only need to run at idle, when the vehicle is not in motion or under high energy drain.
The eco projects usually are more expensive and drain investment money away from other productivity gains.
He only says a word and he can move mountains, start a war, and drain a lake.
Only in the longer term, when the crisis had subsided, could they drain the credit and reestablish macroeconomic balance.
These two sources of foreign exchange must, then, have been offset by an unidentified drain.
On top of all this is the skills drain from the sending countries.
As if this were not enough, politicians have added another drain-biofuels.
Even then, interest-rate subsidies make their loans a drain on the public finances.
For one thing, wages have become a huge drain on their resources.
More intriguingly, people worry about the drain that big projects have put on public finances.
Gas subsidies remain a heavy drain on the public purse.
Drain and run under cold running water until chilled.
Warm, moist compresses help boils drain, which speeds healing.
Drain, rinse thoroughly under cold water and drain again.
Surgery may also be done to help your body drain urine after the bladder is removed.
If there is a severe infection, the tooth may be removed or surgery may be needed to drain the abscess.
Bilateral hydronephrosis occurs when urine is unable to drain from the kidney down the ureters into the bladder.
Surgery to clean and drain the sinuses may be needed.
If you've remembered to put a hair trap over the drain, know this: you do have to clean out the hairs.
They could be safely released at some point and actually be a productive part of society instead of a drain upon it.
Drain beans and transfer to pan of ice water to stop cooking.
One way to cut fuel consumption is to eliminate the weight and power drain of accessories.
Use a slotted spoon to transfer the fried chicken to a plate lined with paper towels to drain excess oil.
Olson says the real cost to society is the drain on smart people out of other areas of the economy.
You'll want to leave it off when you don't need it so as not to drain the battery.
They underwent multiple surgeries to clear clots, reduce swelling and drain fluid from the brain.
Drain and discard the marinade before using the feta.
The viewer doesn't know it yet, but he's looking up from inside the drain of a bathroom sink.
The larger size also means more of a drain on older video-capable iPods.
Drain in a colander and then return spaghetti to the pot.
Computer users are sometimes too busy or ill educated to recognize spam e-mail that can drain away personal information.
Billions in stock grants are going down the drain, worthless.
Storm drain tagging informs others about the storm drain to stream connection.

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