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The pillowy and interlocking design of these biomes was influenced by dragonfly wings.
However, this dragonfly appeared outside my studio window.
The dragonfly's skill as an airborne hunter is famous.
One can't help exclaiming in awe, since the colored bone is as delicate and lacily beautiful as a dragonfly's iridescent wing.
Barely larger than a dragonfly, it will fly by flapping its wings, and it will carry a tiny videocamera for surveillance.
The dragonfly then uses its legs and jaws to hold onto its prey.
Learn more about the life cycle of a dragonfly and how to tell dragonflies apart from damselflies.
Amber can preserve tissue as delicate as dragonfly wings.
IF there's anything that can make a grown-up feel silly and inept, it's a dragonfly.
It is interesting to watch a dragonfly nymph catch its dinner of small insects and tadpoles.
The dragonfly has zipped away to hunt for mosquitoes and other marsh insects.
Intermediary in the bluegill-bullfrog relationship is the dragonfly.

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Darling Death shouted in his ear, his ear made to record the least, the most finespun of worm-cries and dragonfly<... more
Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragonfly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky— So this wi... more
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