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Glaciers moved down from the mountains, dragging along rocks and the rubble that would be left behind when the ice melted.
With a cry he arose, dragging the heavy desk along the floor.
Dont you insult human relations by dragging all this cant about buying and selling into it.
The horse trampled upon it, and stumbled, half dragging her from the saddle-bow.
He was clad in rags and walked with one knee bent and dragging his foot.
Entire chapters can be imported and moved around by dragging and dropping.
And not dragging kids around through six different moves probably does reflect a healthy sense of priorities.
If you have something in your main library that you want to add to your group library, dragging and dropping is simple.
Relatedly, dragging out the degree may also get you in hot water with your school of graduate studies, supervisor or department.
Adding sources to the group library is as easy as dragging them from your library into the group folder.
By dragging the bodies of large animals aloft it hopes to keep them safe from scavengers such as hyenas.
If a dog starts dragging its feet, that's a pretty good indication that it has to relieve itself.
The wrought-iron feeder is heavy enough to discourage squirrels from dragging it off.
She would have had a strikingly asymmetrical appearance and likely limped, dragging her foot.
The chimps begin making their nests, breaking off leafy branches and dragging them into the treetops.
Keep the leash on her in the house to let her get use to the feel of it dragging behind her.
Your dog should be supervised at all times while dragging the leash around.
Instead they act as the anchor dragging us all under.
He wheeled off, the laces of his tennis shoes dragging.
It's been a fixation of mine since back when housing was driving the economy, rather than dragging it down.
And now they are dragging her by her hair to the trucks.
Curtis was dragging a poplar post behind him as he crawled past the relay cart toward the face.
There are five countries dragging down the continent, but you should think of them in two categories.
The sooner the chute collapses, the sooner the dragging stops.
He was his own shadow, dragging that mortifying tail.
The ions move toward the negatively charged cathode, dragging surrounding air molecules with them and creating a breeze.
It has been two years now and they are still dragging their feet.
No, however the cows may complain about dragging a bag around with them.
Soon she finishes her work and begins dragging herself down the berm toward the breaking waves.
Metal bars cantilever over his shoulders and down along his arms, terminating in menacing, knuckle-dragging hooks.
But governments need to stop dragging their knuckles.
The idea of returning to work would have many retirees dragging their feet.
From one of these latter a goat emerged, dragging its pale and chain.
The crisis in the euro area is turning into a panic and dragging the zone into recession.
Running would have been difficult for an animal that was dragging its leg feathers on the ground.
Dragging in member countries that would rather not be there, he wrote, served nobody's interests.
Its drinks business has lost market share and is dragging down the value of its snacks operation.
Meanwhile the peace process is foundering, dragging both sides into the mire.
Once the material had melted, the researchers pulled the metal tip away, dragging material from the molten hotspot.
The government promised a speedy trial but has reneged, dragging out the process while keeping it far from view.
Since then home-building has plunged, dragging overall growth down slightly.
Yet the coming weeks offer plenty of scope for quibbling and foot-dragging.
In both cities, children hobble all day on old hand-me-down crutches, dragging their withered limbs behind them.
Inefficient tendering gave contractors a chance to squeeze more money out by foot-dragging.
Its negotiating style is marked by bluster, foot-dragging, blackmail and brinkmanship.
The seconds went limping and dragging by on absolutely leaden feet.
He was a meat-eating, knuckle-dragging gladiator, and the company was frothing with anticipation at the clash.
The bigger libel is that these no-count hellions are dragging the country down with them.
Earlier generations of museumgoers gazed on slouching, tail-dragging dinosaurs.
Dragging a mobile piece of the environment and hiding under it.
As well as dragging some of the underlying material with it and all of it getting mixed up.
And when they come out, they often make a kind of scratchy sound, as if they're dragging a limb or two across the rock.
It's friction dragging the layers off to keep it eroding away.
Dragging ourselves in through the mud and subservient and too sick to even protest our treatment.
They may succeed, sometimes, in dragging society along with them.
If you can't put food in your own mouth, you are in the way, and you're dragging the world down.
If the kids are dragging, head to a hotel, where cabs usually congregate.
Quit dragging your feet and do what you can to make big dreams become reality.
To create a link to another application by dragging and dropping.
Dragging the middle region will move the band without changing its size, and dragging each end will move only that end.
Chain dragging requires an inspector to drag several lengths of heavy chain over a concrete surface.
Change position by clicking, holding, then dragging.
Clicking and dragging on an image will produce a yellow box on the image.
Dragging roads with machinery, trees or brush is prohibited.

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