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It's the food, the drinks, and the personality of a place that drag you back.
As you click and drag with your mouse, the various sections of the mobile move around.
There may also be a way to cut aircraft drag by making some surfaces less slippery.
It's the surfaces of a forest that drag the wind and make it calm, that take noise out and control rainfall.
Then wet a piece of thin cotton string and drag it through the bowl.
Once the site has loaded grab that tab and drag it down to the taskbar.
Most college fairs don't feature drag performers in habits.
And around this size, the rocks would begin to experience drag from the gas around them.
Pivot makes creating individual frames really easy, and moving animations is based on a simple click and drag process.
Moving is never fun, but moving onto a college campus is an epic drag.
Once a source of economic dynamism, megacities risk becoming a drag on growth.
Models are based on the notion that gravitational drag in these disks is the main influence on planets as they migrate.
All you need to do is drag the item from the center pane and drop it on the appropriate library in the left pane.
The reduction in pressure drag causes the ball to travel further.
And this website explains how to measure drag coefficient without a wind tunnel.
Mostly they seemed to want to drag me into a discussion of the scientific details.
Large scale, long term unemployment creates a lot of drag in any economy.
Touch any icon for a few seconds, and then you can drag things around.
In turn, such low rates also drag down bond yields at longer maturities.
But my guess is that the primary drag on lending is the absence of borrowers.
Carter's straw, go ahead, but please do not try to drag others down with you.
Inevitably some of the defaulters will drag other companies down with them.
It seemed as though the spill might drag on forever.
Planning inquiries often drag on for longer than the life of a government.
They aren't good people with bad information, these are malevolent people who want to drag the world into a new dark age.
Corporate investment may not drag the economy down, but nor is it likely to offer a boost.
But a larger than estimated drag from state and local government cuts played a significant role.
It's not too difficult to train people to get good lift over drag positions in a wind tunnel.
Drag also depends on how aerodynamic a rider can make their body and how well they can drive the sled to minimize friction.
There appears to be drag and drop ability from one's desktop when putting files into a course site.
Yet their surreal existence as shareholder-owned prisoners of the state looks likely to drag on for years.
It has a stationary engine, using warping ropes to drag the shares through the furrows.
Magazine units are mostly a drag on growth for their parents.
But in truth few are properly investigated, and even when cases do reach court, proceedings can drag on for years.
Things drag on for numerous reasons, not all of them bad.
If the generator slows it motors and becomes a drag or load on the grid.
Drag the symbol into the circle to see if you're right.
If your heart is set on understanding what makes each snowflake special, a degree in admin will be an interminable drag.
Each has tried to reorient his party-and drag it towards the other's.
Then the next time this happens, drag out that big gun, and watch the problem get resolved.
Governors and legislators have several reasons to drag their heels.
If so, no matter how nebulous it may be, it would still cause some drag on objects moving through it.
The total drag due to the air resistance might increase, but not that much for each additional car.
Inertia is enough in perfectly vacuum space but solar wind provides drag.
These faculty sometimes to act as a drag upon departments, colleges, and universities.
So the solar wind that gives thrust also gives drag.
Take a deep drag off the cigarette and hold the smoke in the back of your mouth.
Residential investment and state and local government spending continue to be a drag on growth.
The largest member of the deer family provides drag noticeable even on an industrial winch.
When this is done, you are prompted to drag one image over another to line up some background elements.
Deflation, placing a drag on domestic consumption, has pushed firms to go abroad faster.
But, unlike in years past, the affected firms did not drag the rest of the industry down with them.
State and local governments were once more a net drag on employment.
Factional fighting between the government and its opponents remains a drag on economic revitalization.
In student groups, people who don't do it drag down those who do.
The photographer was on the run, so whatever he was carrying had to be light and trim enough not to be a drag.
Beats tend to drag, and synthesizers wander around the vocals, which are sometimes mixed beneath a sprawl of noise.
Yes, in theory removing the air from a tube would reduce drag and make things more efficient.
Corporations drag these agencies through the political dirt.
All government jobs are a net loss to the economy in purely dollar terms because of a factor known as economic drag.
When a drag-king artiste steals the spotlight from an icon of conventional prettiness.
But you drag yourself out of bed, dress, and head to the office anyway feeling virtuous and sick.
But their real risk is indirect, as they drag down consumer sentiment.
The speed-brake handle was then pulled, deploying drag devices on the wings.
By measuring how far they had to drag the tip to sever the wire, they were able to estimate the wire's breadth.
The church has been a constant and negative drag on each life extending medical advance.
It may be unfortunate to drag politics into this, mainly because energy is so political anyway.
Linking video games to breath, then, might go a long way towards making huffing less of a drag.
The obvious one is that there's no air on the moon so there's no drag to slow things down.
It is unconscionable to drag boys into this tragedy in order to promote gender equality.
His captors did not set his fractures and tortured him regularly, trying to drag false admissions out of him.
State budgets have been a persistent drag on output, offsetting much of the discretionary boost from stimulus.
Having an exposure to a final-salary pension scheme is now a drag on a company's share price, not a boon.
Tightening policy would act as a further drag on growth, possibly threatening the recovery.
Equally worrying is the fragile state of consumer spending, a drag on the economy ever since the credit crunch began last summer.
Given the fragile state of many economies, the bursting of a housing bubble could easily drag them into recession.
But, famously secretive and protective of its bureaucratic territory, it is likely to drag its feet.
The property business is generally expected to remain a drag on growth.
They think the subprime squeeze marks the start of a broader credit crunch that could drag the economy into recession.
The longer-term fear is that unemployment will drag the economy back down.
Once legal, they demand higher wages, and no longer drag down those of the native-born.
Their aim seems to be to drag out the case while the powers-that-be decide what to do.
Have them click and drag a rectangle around the approximate area of their home state to zoom in on that region.
Adept climbers, leopards will often drag their food into trees to protect it from scavengers.
As air hits a bird in flight, it flows down the wings and creates vortices, which impose drag on a lone flyer.
Electric propellers used for an initial boost would fold into the plane after takeoff to reduce drag.
Drag the set of seven shapes to completely cover the figure in the center.
Five days of parties and processions ensue, and dressing in drag for mock weddings is the norm.
These drag loads maybe resisted by a tethering cable or cables.
That's a drag on low-flying satellites and can even knock them out of orbit.
Still, this could be a drag for musicians who record while monitoring with headphones.
When you drag this node around the grid, the sound modulates.
Positioning is extremely important for a cyclist to be able to maintain a low drag while still producing sufficient power.
You've got to drag the stylus to keep your cursor over the line during the extended bar-shaped markers.
It seems unnecessary, given how easy it is to drag and drop photos to share them in different places on your desktop.
In fact, a sphere disrupts air flow, and has about ten times the drag resistance of a teardrop-shaped airfoil.
These performance losses more than offset the reduced drag on the aircraft in less dense air.
For example, you can drag and enlarge photos with your fingers.
Click and drag the teams to where you think they should rate in the power rankings.
If you drag that into next week, it's counter-productive.
Many would-be entrepreneurs drag their feet before starting to look for customers because it's scary.
Although higher taxes would help pay off the deficit, they would also create a drag on economic growth.
Best to let it painfully drag out until you can no longer stand each other's presence.
Both sides insist they'd rather settle than let the dispute drag on through the courts.
Drag items in the list to change the stacking order.
These two sport bonnets and dresses, and the scene becomes a decorous drag show twice over, and with real feeling.
However, this will not drag down the entire wage scale, applying only to new hires.
Such wars tend to drag on for much longer than four years.
The case could drag on for the next few weeks, averting any sudden crisis.
But those declines could well drag down the value of higher-priced properties.
Viscous drag from forebody skin-friction and residual parasite drag.

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