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It even spot-heated my legs, which were under a drafty window, without making the whole bed overly toasty.
For another, tapestries helped take the edge off the cold in large, drafty spaces.
If you live in a drafty house, you're only too aware of the energy being lost through the walls and windows.
It is also wet and drafty, considerations that should give pause to anyone planning to rent during the off-season.
And few of us have a few grand lying around to replace our drafty old windows.
Those drafty barns, however, are perfect homes for yaks.
Friends and family despair as a once promising life is wasted on dead-end jobs and long nights by the candle in a drafty garret.
For poor families, especially those on fixed incomes, a drafty house can eat up a large chunk of their income in the winter.
Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades on windows that feel drafty after weatherizing.
Use foam or plastic gaskets to insulate drafty electrical outlets along exterior walls.
The family is happy with their improvements, as the home is noticeably less drafty and more comfortable.
Seal up the largest air leaks in your house-the ones that whistle on windy days, or feel drafty.
Place damp clothes at door thresholds and other draft sources and tape drafty windows.
Although some shops are drafty and noisy, technicians usually work in well-lighted and ventilated areas.
Some times there will be too much leakage, resulting in a drafty, uncomfortable house.
Some times there will be too much leakage, resulting in a drafty house.
Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades on windows that may feel drafty after weatherizing.
The areas designated by the store management for demonstrations may be cold or drafty.
Work is outdoors in all kinds of weather and indoors in areas that may be dusty, drafty, and noisy.
Follow your office's procedures to notify building management if your space is too hot, too cold, stuffy or drafty.

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