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And yet few stopped to consider their maker, who at times sketched one or two product ideas an hour at his drafting table.
The process of drafting this summary report proved contentious at times.
But the physics of drafting can come in handy other ways.
He frowned and used his computer drafting tool to sketch in corrected precipitation estimates, calling for heavier rain.
Yes, we've seen professional riders in tight formation, taking advantage of the aerodynamics of drafting.
Weight pulling and drafting are two different activities and you can not apply the guidelines of one to the other.
Some of this she blames on the shift to computerized drafting programs and the loss of manual drafting skills.
Despite what politicians say about bills not being swayed by big business when drafting legislation, they almost always are.
Back to the drafting table: under revamped plans, a refurbished sign will glow again from atop the remodeled refinery.
Architects spend more time designing, less time drafting.
It's a handy tool for drafting posts, editing those that you've already posted, and doing it all across multiple blogs.
But his estrangement from the drafting table didn't last long.
He's director general of a unit dedicated solely to drafting data protection legislation.
It's cliché by now, but trust your gut and don't worry about drafting a player you've targeted a round or two early if necessary.
He hasn't been exactly tearing it up drafting forwards who put holes in the back of the net.
Another possible reason for drafting tough new green policies is that current ones are flopping.
The frenzied debate that surrounded the drafting of the government's new measures has also revealed pitfalls ahead.
Ten committees are drafting a blueprint for government-and are finding agreement elusive.
The new plan has a whiff of hasty drafting about it.
But the legislature continues to dither over the drafting of a law that would unify these rates.
It has also become a main centre for drafting laws, calling upon foreign legal experts for help.
But the drafting of the property law has provided an outlet for critics of government policy to air their grievances.
The drafting process uses the same approach as the software production itself.

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