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The current draft revisions include a plan to make pupils more patriotic.
Rather than go back to a military draft, we're more likely to see the further privatization of war.
Editing a mess is much easier than grunting out the first draft.
America's founding fathers met in Philadelphia to draft their constitution.
This publication is a draft.
Jefferson, who enjoyed a reputation as a facile writer, was asked to draft the document.
Now they are inviting comments on their draft, with a view to rewriting it one last time in mid-September.
Also she encouraged me to draft out a time outline and kindly offered to oversee the rest of the project.
The gear or tackle, other than a yoke, with which a draft animal pulls a vehicle or implement.
Any pilot can tell them that rain falls after an up draft collapses and becomes a down draft.
He is expected to be a high pick in the draft Thursday.
The exhibit includes a draft of a cable they sent for help.
Thousands of horses were shot, castrated or turned over to peasants to use as draft animals.
Seemingly few persons realize that a letter of social introduction is actually a draft for payment on demand.
My advisor asked me to draft a letter first based on my vitae and give it to him, and he will go from there.
Two spaces at the end of a sentence is merely recommended, and only in draft manuscripts.
Each succeeding draft had become more sanitized, more tolerant of ambiguity, more ready to admit a diversity of opinion.
As mentioned above, you never should draft a textbook before contacting a publisher.
The draft does not include any proposed regulations.
Independent expert groups should be invited to draft responses.
That's also why motor racers often draft within the wake of another car.
What's missing in this sprawling draft is prioritization.
In preparing for any fantasy draft, it's important to be aware of any built-in biases.
The kitchen serves seasonal specials and sources locally-from seafood and vegetables to coffee and all-draft beer.
Others build additions to houses, draft new civil rights legislation, dig ditches.
Unfortunately, the holes in my science in the first draft distracted from my point.
But they were able to zero in on many regions of the rough draft and get a much finer picture of interesting genes.
To say that the human genome has been sequenced-even in draft form-is a gross overstatement.
If normal journalism is the first draft of history, this publication is a stab at a first draft of the future.
The ministry refuses to comment, saying the draft is not finalised.
The year that they had the lottery for the draft, they did not draft me because they didn't get to my number.
On the beat with soldiers writing the first draft of history.
So unless he's particularly conscientious, the only draft he'll end up with is the draft, the one he publishes.
There, a three-camera tape is compiled, which the director uses to draft a shooting script.
Today's paper is a noble attempt to create a snapshot of a singular moment, a declarative draft of history.
All changes endorsed in this manner were incorporated into a clean draft of the biblical book under consideration.
Have students work independently to draft summaries-in news article style-of their research.
Draft a design of the garden and solicit feedback from members.
The park will release a draft environmental impact statement at the end of the month.
Famous for thick-collared draft beer and rude waiters.
Here is a scandalous thing to say, but it's true: you are reading the first draft of this review.
Once you've produced a semi-credible draft of a section or chapter, have someone read it to you aloud.
It can only give them heart as they tear away at the fabric of a draft media law that has input from independent journalists.
Re-instate the draft, except this time the soldiers are never in the line of fire, so there won't be any public outcry.
Human rights organizations are intimidated, and a draft law aims to bring them under the regime's authority.
The draft and the long term of service is a form of social control.
But fragments of a draft have survived, some of them in cryptogram.
The state appropriated tools, draft animals, and all land.
The only thing that moved was her thin white hair, blowing in the cold draft that came in through the open doorway.
He wrote often-constantly, in fact-and he wrote fast, frequently without the benefit of a second draft or even corrections.
Before giving a definite yes or no, she told me, she would have to see a final draft of the script.
None of the six central points in the draft speech were mentioned.
Paging through the rough draft of the list, figuring out who merited the extra attention, was a strange experience.
Player values vary greatly by league, and you need to draft accordingly.

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