downtime in a sentence

Example sentences for downtime

There is no downtime or vacation where e-mail is concerned.
And, by all means use the downtime from campus to get caught up on committee work, or even your writing.
Because manufacturing is more capital-intensive than the rest of the economy, downtime is more costly than in other industries.
In their downtime, much of the cast have become auteurs.
Their goal is to avoid the downtime inherent in motor-powered prosthetics that must be recharged.
Despite the downtime, the band has resisted the temptation to deliver a manifesto.
The enforced downtime allows you to savor the experience-and the culture of people who live there.
The resulting downtime gave the crew a chance to get caught up on some things.
That's what downtime was for: looking after any cuts and wounds and sunburn, and sleeping and packing calories.
The utility should be forced to pay the financial costs of unscheduled downtime to its customers.
However, a gearbox failure tends to result in more downtime overall since it is much more difficult to replace.
However, gearbox failures cause more downtime and are more costly to repair.
In his downtime, he taught himself computer programming.
For one thing, all that work eats into your downtime, and you seem to need plenty of that.
It's likely that this change is designed to allow for more downtime for the monorails and their drivers.
Villas usually offer more living and sleeping space, making downtime less stressful.
Injuries are staring to become a factor during the first week of games, with some big names facing downtime because of ailments.
During downtime, guests relax at the rooftop bar or in a semi-private cabana.
There is no question that downtime will be less with preventive maintenance than without it.
If availability requirements are not specified in the permit then downtime would not be a deviation from the permit.
Any other planned system downtime or problems will be noted below.
Downtime of any element can result in unfavorable consequences.
Other downtime may occur from time to time with or without notice.
How it was in the days of the downtime annihilators.
In his downtime, he cuddles with special friends on his futon.
They also need breaks, downtime and playtime to integrate what they've learned.
Traditional strength training generally allows one to three minutes of downtime between exercises.
Now that you have downtime during the dormant season, it's time to sketch out some new designs for spring planting.
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