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Because our bedroom is on the second floor of our condo, it's usually warmer than the thermostat downstairs.
My extraordinarily talented second brother lives downstairs.
But she did not listen to him, and went downstairs rapidly.
Slowly she rose from amongst her scattered locks, and slowly she made her way downstairs.
When she recovered they carried her downstairs, and put her into the cab that stood waiting at the door.
She went downstairs and returned with a white earthenware jug of water.
He must have seized the interval to get downstairs and slip by them somehow.
Finally, he got out of bed and went downstairs to the homemade studio of his struggling record company.
So from the yard they'd go downstairs to the prison industries, which consisted of a large military armory.
Downstairs, the reception area is lined with battered folding chairs occupied by patients with makeshift bandages or open wounds.
In his rumpled polo shirt, he shuffles groggily downstairs to his mahogany-paneled living room.
Downstairs, subterranean galleries will be set up for state-of-the-art viewing.
When he sits on the edge of a sofa in his downstairs office, he looks ready to pounce.
Post-show, mingle with the cast in the glamorous bar downstairs.
Downstairs the action was equally intense with more folk acts.
Meanwhile downstairs, there were both sprightly and contemplative performances.
But the problem is that my parents bedroom and bathroom is downstairs.
Some people can be heard saying that it is necessary to go downstairs to another level to escape.
Downstairs, her parents struggled with two armed robbers.
The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with both upstairs and downstairs seating.
And then here pretty soon we're going to take you downstairs and get some blood from you.
The downstairs dining room serves up three-course dinners.
Diners can choose between eating upstairs or enjoy the fresh air downstairs on the patio.
Each cabin has two bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen, living room, dining area and bathroom downstairs.
Downstairs, visitors pore over planning applications, with staff on hand to help.
Downstairs, in the convention hall, one of the busiest stalls offered advice on diabetes.
Hearing the shots, the downstairs burglar probably fled, ditching the video components.
Once inside the library, head downstairs where they keep the microfilm.
He could walk downstairs on his hands, and he entertained his friends by jiggling his back muscles in time to a song.
Downstairs on your way into the picking side of the warehouse, was a traffic light.
From downstairs they could hear the sound of raised voices.
The components of your dinner are waiting for you downstairs.
Downstairs is a lounge with low couches, low lighting, and a dj who keeps music pounding throughout the restaurant.
Author went downstairs and stood on the stoop to watch the kids as their argument escalated.
The piano downstairs is raised on a dais, lid permanently up, but it doesn't get played much.
Back at the hospital, the party was spilling into a downstairs hallway.
He told a colleague he'd be right back and, leaving behind his jacket, headed downstairs.
When he went downstairs, he heard his father phone the doctor.
In darkness, in the downstairs entrance, looking for the light.
But my downstairs neighbor woke me up in time for the second.
Sixty-second interviews were conducted downstairs, nine or ten people at a time, in the club's restaurant.
Then they both heard the door downstairs open and close.
It will take me some time to go downstairs to get them.
When the aurora shows up, he scans it from a control room downstairs by moving a joystick that turns the equipment platform.
For example, she said, she decided to move the children's section from its longtime home upstairs to a new room downstairs.
Downstairs there was a private nightclub where she could bring her friends after hours.
These days, hunters bring in mostly deer and wild boar, the animals stored in a cavernous freezer downstairs.
Go back downstairs to the bodega and buy canned tuna and a bottle of mayonnaise.
We talked in the restaurant downstairs from the lobby, in a banquette where she would not be seen, so not bothered.
Downstairs, in the game room, was a different sort of nursery.
It's so loud that you can't sleep, so you go downstairs and ask them to keep it down.
So he papered the downstairs bathrooms with billboards.
It went downstairs in the little wine cave my father had.
Though the day was sunny and mild, the curtains were drawn on every downstairs window, as if the residents had gone on vacation.
He had moved downstairs and become one of the big boys.
He changed into his tuxedo and walked downstairs for the reception, feeling awkward to be dressed up so early.
The downstairs bar is a great place to warm up before the show.
While you wait for your meal to arrive, you can mosey around the downstairs craft shop and stock up on quality souvenirs.
In a neighborhood of frat houses and party hounds, the student downstairs thought nothing of it.
The elegant home was a bit unusual for its time--it not only had a bathroom downstairs, but two more upstairs.
The first officer to arrive at the scene was walking downstairs after speaking with a resident in the complex.
The head deacon told the decedent to go downstairs and get into fresh air.
While in his office, he started to feel lightheaded and decided to go downstairs and outside to get some air before eating lunch.
Firefighters found dark smoke showing from a downstairs, lived-in unit.
The majority of that time was downstairs on the ground floor.

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