downspout in a sentence

Example sentences for downspout

Changing the flow of the downspout is one way to conserve rainwater.
They often are positioned at the bottom of a downspout to capture the water from gutters.
Attach a barrel to your downspout that will collect rain from your roof's eaves.
The top elbow of the downspout on this house has slipped off of the gutter outlet tube.
Adding a self-cleaning downspout screen or gutter filter above it will keep leaves from clogging the inlet screen.
Tracks may appear as smudge marks on the side of a house where a raccoon shimmies up and down a downspout or utility pipe.
The northeast corner of the apartment complex had a downspout running from the roof of the building to the ground below.
Place the downspout into the top of the first barrel and multiple barrels can be filled in this manor.
Homeowner education should emphasize the suitable discharge of site drainage including downspout discharge.
Simply direct the roof runoff from a downspout into the rain barrel.
The rain barrels need to be disconnected from the downspout to avoid freezing during the winter.
Water from the cell house roof drains to a downspout, that is then directed to the gray water cisterns.
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