downsizing in a sentence

Example sentences for downsizing

What began as downsizing went on to wholesale abandonment.
In today's climate of budget balancing and downsizing, any agency even holding its own is doing well.
It seems that during a labor shortage rising wages result in downsizing, offshoring, and other forms of restructuring.
Many would sell the home in time, using the money for retirement after downsizing.
And the loss will also keep the firm's downsizing on track.
Not only has income been falling, but job security has declined as corporate downsizing continues.
Although any bureaucracy can usually make do with fewer people, these cuts went far beyond reasonable downsizing.
Source-to-sink downsizing could bring many advantages in terms of energy efficiency and increased system resiliency.
There is a lot of anxiety in the land about downsizing, about workers becoming plug-and-play modules in corporate strategies.
It had been a storage facility for a local luxury-car dealership, which was downsizing.
Yet mergers and downsizing have provided only temporary relief.
Lecturing them about downsizing, and how to run their business.
The upsizing of bosses' pay and the downsizing of the workforce made many people angry.
They have been through outsourcing, downsizing and re-engineering.
Those victims of downsizing who do end up launching their own businesses will have no shortage of role models.
Now his tune is quite different-more corporate social responsibility than downsizing.
The office downsizing is partly a matter of belt-tightening.
Downsizing your workforce is an unfortunate situation for both the business and the affected employees.
But the administration has emphasized targeted buyouts to achieve much of the downsizing.
The beleaguered, bespectacled office worker was oppressed during the downsizing era.
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