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Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
The downside is that though these saws last much longer than old-style saws, you can't resharpen them.
The only downside is that the jewelry was of the digital variety.
The downside of our geographic freedom is that our families have been dispersed across the land.
The turbines' influence on temperatures could also have a downside for crops.
But the increase in foraging hours can have its downside, putting animals on the prowl at risk for predation.
But there's a potential downside-the birds' stench may serve other purposes.
The only downside is that they have to live under ice for half the year when the river is frozen.
The downside is that they can only be delivered by injection.
There is an occasional downside to this national desire to be accommodating.
They overshot on the upside and now they are going to overshoot on the downside.
The only downside, was that you had to have a line of site with the next last receiver to make it work.
Extremely high-resolution imaging has its downside, too, though.
The downside over a simple tax is huge: speculation.
The downside is that it is then also possible for thugs to pressure or pay people to vote for a given candidate.
T he breakneck advances in digital media have their own steep downside.
There wouldn't seem to be any real downside to doing so.
Global financial ambition turned out to have a downside.
In many ways, this is good, but inevitably it has its downside.
On the accountability side, they also insist that any seat with a stake in the upside benefit must share in the downside risk.
There is one downside to my move: a much longer commute.
But there is a downside to this convenience, and it's deeper than bleary eyes.
It's the downside of the welcoming, egalitarian spirit of our admissions departments.
The downside is that they didn't get to experience that process of installation.
The downside is that it's not a great way to share with my advisor and other recommenders.
The downside is libraries need someone on staff who can install and maintain the open-source program.
The downside to this setup is that it doesn't come cheap.
The downside of my location is the summer heat, which has been especially grueling this year.
Another downside has traditionally been the relatively low status of technical communication within the scientific world.
And the fact that people don't continually purchase higher education throughout their lives limits the downside for bad actors.
The downside is the stress and the incredible disappointment.
There's an upside and a downside to this, obviously.
The downside is that exploring career options and looking for a new position can become a full-time job.
The downside to the armband is, well, the fact that you are wearing an armband.
Moreover, there are significant downside risks to the economic outlook, including strains in global financial markets.
There's no tangible downside to this alternative, but significant potential upside.
The downside is that it is really confusing and inefficient.
The downside is that all of that social blocking and tackling is invisible to search engine users.
The downside of this option, as suggested above, is that one year is an awfully short time horizon for getting this done.
There's little downside for a money manager in being caught out in a storm that also drowns everyone else.
But even if a property is in good condition, investors worry about the market's downside risk.
If you're feeling the downside of being a parent lately, know that you're not alone.
Defined-benefit plans have a huge downside: they drastically discourage labor mobility.
There's a pretty big downside to this review process: it is likely to further delay foreclosures.
Interestingly, charity for human services was another outlier on the downside.
Millions of underwater homeowners can now attest to leverage's downside, with graphs and profanity.
There is a downside, too, measured in the lost esteem of friends and in the tainting of real gifts and achievements.
The regulators could put a ceiling on the bank's debt-equity ratio to limit the downside risk.
The downside of infrastructure spending is that sometimes it takes a while to get the bridge-building projects off the ground.
Maybe perpetual alertness to new messages and rapid information exchange have their downside.
Unfortunately, there's a downside of cognitive fluency.
But in markets it produces herding behavior, which makes outcomes more extreme on both the upside and the downside.
The downside is, when he's not under pressure he can sometimes wander around.
This, of course, is the downside of the bully pulpit.
By then they knew that there was a considerable downside to downsizing.
The downside of federalism is that you get an anarchic patchwork of voting practices rather than a coherent system.
Less of a sense of community than many places is a downside, but freedom to move through social strata is a plus.
Politics, as ever, represents the main downside risk.
Another downside of deregulation has been the decline in investment.
Placing small bets is one of several ways that companies can limit the downside of failure.
However, even these forecasts are subject to numerous downside risks.
But in the past few months they have experienced its downside, as the market's first ever bubble has popped.
But unfortunately, the balance of risks lies on the downside.
The financial crash brought home the downside of a vast banking sector.
Even if these self-inflicted wounds are avoided, the narrow focus on austerity has another downside.
Most companies have evidently decided that pay cuts aren't worth the downside.
For their part, companies are beginning to notice the downside of all this overstretching.
But the crisis has also highlighted the downside of this structure.
The biggest downside is that you can only earn two free nights.
The downside is that telomerase is often mutated in human cancers, and seems to help existing tumors grow faster.
The downside: by going deeper it will take another two months.
Security fears spawn ways to treat radiotherapy's downside.
It's a downside of the medicalization of birth and low rates of breastfeeding.
The downside is global human catastrophe beyond description, if not total extinction of the human race.
Statins have actually been on-balance a great success story but every remedy has a downside.
As it turns out, there is a downside to playing with your food.
One downside is that the target must be facing the light for it to work.
The downside is that spectral engineering takes a toll on color quality.
It is the downside of the wonderful variety of human personality.
One downside to all that power is that the back of the handset tends to get toasty after extended periods of use.
One downside is the high pulse energy required to cause ignition.
The downside is the recharge time is doubled as well.
There is a downside to the steady-state fleet, however.
The greenhouse effect, of course, also has a downside.
The downside, some warn, is easier gender selection.
Of course, being permanently zoned out has its downside.
The downside is that telomerase is often mutated in human cancers, and seems to help existing tumours grow faster.
Even successful memory enhancers may come with a downside, however.
But there is a terrifying downside: should you fail to create an airway in a paralyzed patient, he suffocates in four minutes.
The downside is that the transplanted cells also fostered the growth of benign brain tumors.
But aside from showing exactly why the spleen is so important, the new findings may also shed light on the downside of monocytes.
The downside is the breathtaking risk you have to take of ending up with less than everybody else.
The downside of raw empiricism is that those who do it, often lack wisdom.
False positives have a much lower downside than false negatives in the environment of evolutionary adaptedness.
Once they had compensated for the downside of their defensive strategy in this way, they had to remain resistant or die.
It had a downside, however, as often happens with brilliant ideas.
Rarely will they talk about the social downside of what to do with uninsured sick people.
And it may also reveal something about the downside of our unique intelligence.
Sports are, in fact, the only downside of my visit here.
Now there's a short term non-solution with significant long-term downside.
So they never got the upside and they got twice the downside.
Global production will soon be on the downside of the same dismal curve.
The downside: intervening in the economy in such a precise way is almost by definition not expandable.
There are a bunch of sensible ways to do it, each with its own upsides, plus a downside or two.
For me, though, the single biggest downside of e-books is that there aren't enough of them.
Moreover, there are significant downside risks to the economic outlook, including strains in global financial markets.
Moreover, downside risks to the economic outlook have increased.
The downside to using margin is that if the stock price decreases, substantial losses can mount quickly.
Wind power development too, has its downside, mostly involving land use.
The markets have always had excesses on the upside and the downside.
Now, however, these traders will bear more of their own downside risks.
The downside is that, if something does happen, you'll pay more out-of-pocket before the insurer picks up the costs.
All of this suggests that substantial downside risks exist and pose substantial challenges to economic policymakers.
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