downscale in a sentence

Example sentences for downscale

The downscale for-profit college sector is dynamic and innovative, but it's basically a scam where barely anyone graduates.
Downscale voters express doubts about what government can do.
Downscale chains that landlords once kept out of shopping centers are suddenly being shown the welcome mat.
High concentrations of methane can cause a downscale deflection of the meter.
To determine the downscale cycle time, measure the concentration of the flue gas emissions until the response stabilizes.
Development of a methodology to statistically downscale ensembles of medium range weather forecasts.
If it is functioning properly, the meter will deflect downscale and the alarm circuit will be activated.
Repeat the entire procedure three times and determine the mean upscale and downscale response times.
Monitor response time is reported as the slower of the average of three sets of upscale and downscale determinations.
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