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Example sentences for downplay

Scientists downplay the role of global warming in the formation of icebergs.
We often downplay the importance of ceremony and ritual in university life.
That's what governments do best, they cover up or downplay disasters so that no one panics, and so they can get re-elected.
Of course the tourism industry is going to downplay the effects.
However, he argues it would be wrong to downplay the role of science in the process.
With it came efforts to downplay the dangers of shoddily reconstructing a compact city on such precarious ground.
Aboard his plane, however, the secretary tries to downplay the importance of the budget votes.
The have millions to spin their fairy tales and downplay the negatives.
And perhaps with our particular favorites there is a tendency to downplay their popularity.
It will be something that right-wing news outlets will either downplay or credit to the last president.
Mounting evidence of our inner zombie at work has led some scientists to downplay the importance of our aware selves.
It's easy to downplay the trust aspect of science and society.
Problem with this defense which tries to downplay risks is that no proof has been provided to back the mosquito comparison claim.
They may exaggerate certain aspects to push forward a specific policy, and downplay other aspects to keep a different policy.
In fact, even with the regulations companies still try and take short-cuts and downplay the damage they do.
The pro-Olympics lobby tends to downplay the disadvantages.
If anything, these statistics downplay the situation.
None of which is meant to downplay the results of tonight's caucuses.
Belatedly, the government has decided that it is wiser to defend the mission than to downplay it.
Coming from a government that usually strives to downplay bad news, this is a clear indication of a truly dire situation.
The agency has also been criticised for accepting poor data from member countries which may downplay bad news.
Addressing this argument is necessary before concluding that the left should downplay the role of unions.
Part of the masquerade is to downplay or deny or not even mention other factors.
State-owned newspapers have been ordered to downplay the story.
Medical device makers downplay the threat from such attacks.
Lester, not unexpectedly, tried to downplay the practice.
Downplay your image by opting for a messenger bag or sturdy leather purse rather than a backpack.
With his usual mix of businesslike purpose and folksy manner, he tried to downplay the significance of the illness.
So please don't downplay the downturn in the economy.
What's more, they are actively seeking to downplay the past, stepping away from and diluting former statements of recognition.
In other words, they may not fully acknowledge what has happened to them or they may downplay the intensity of the experience.
So don't downplay your symptoms if you're having them.
We will downplay answers to questions from reporters.
We should not downplay the magnitude of the challenge the commission faces.
Framing with plants can emphasize features or downplay an unwanted view.

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